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TSH level

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My Endo. just called and told me my TSH was 1.8. Had the thyrogen shots and body scan last week. He wants me to go for PET scan on friday. I know the ideal # is 0.5,, but is my number way off?

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Do you mean TSH or Tg (thyroglobulin)? High TSH just needs a levothyroxine adjustment (or maybe that 1.8 was the lingering result of the thyrogen, depending on when the TSH was measured). It is true that high risk thyroid cancer patents should be maintained at a very low TSH (mine is .03). .5 is probably more typical, I suppose. Higher TSH would not trigger the need for a PET scan...

Unlike TSH, Tg measures active thyroid cells so if you have Tg above zero the notion is that thyroid cells are remaining behind. I am guessing that your body scan showed no uptake? In patients with rising Tg and no RAI uptake on the body scan, docs may order a PET scan to try to locate the source of the Tg rise. Not all Tg levels indicate cancer, just residual thyroid tissue - could be cancerous or not. PET scans can highlight potential cancer areas. Do you have more information from your doctor about the numbers and need for the PET?

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