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Seems like alot is going downhill on here lately. Of course it is at Christmas. Not very happy that "God" still feels the need to throw more at us. Really discouraging.
Mom will be getting her test results on Wednesday to find out about her next step. Hopefully the bloodwork won't show any extreme changes. Really don't think she is ready yet to go back on chemo. Her nerves are shot. I can see it in her face. And once again, it's me and her walking around like zombies, and everyone else happy happy. Just am more worried now with so many moms going downhill lately. Maybe this is a sign.
All I can say is i too will not be able to make it without her in my life.
Please say some prayers.

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I posted on this board for the first time tonight and I wanted to let you know there are people praying for you. I also cannot imagine not having my mom in my life, so I don't for right now. She is still here so when I get sad, I call her, hold her, listen to her voice. These moments won't last forever, i know this, but I need to grab each moment I can. Stay strong. More prayers coming at you.

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It tears at my heartstrings to know how much you love your moms and how you are trying so hard to do the best for them. I am the mother with the disease in our family but I have adult children and the last thing I want is for them to hurt. I will either get thru it or go to a better place.
But for now, we fight the battle and make the most of every day. And it is really a disease that can be fought like a chronic disease in more and more cases. I really believe new treatments are just around the corner.
I am praying for your moms and for strength and comfort with some joy mixed in for the both of you!

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