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Happy holiday from rm 320 at the hospital

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Wht a wonderful place to be.

Pain levels hover tween 7 and 10, so me details Just know I'm here.

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Dear blake,

i hope you get some relief.

it might be to late to learn but deep meditation can help with pain management, its just a thought.

actually its the lack of thought that does it. luckily a lack of thought is easy for me.

i guess its a wonderful place if you need, i hope they care for you well.



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Pain sucks, why are they not helping you more? If in pain you would think being in the hospital would be the place to be...

Sending prayers for you.....Hope you feel better soon...


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Sorry you are in the hospital Blake. I hope they give u some relief soon.

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What a place to be on Christmas Day! Hope you are able to get pain in control and be back home soon. Merry Kiss Moose from sunny Arizona.



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awwww hope they can control your pain level soon, and you can come out of hospital.

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to have to spend the holidays at the hospital. If that pain number is with pain meds, tell them from us that they need to up those damn things asap. I hope things get under control soon, and you can return home. Ann

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Didn't know you were in the hospital and what happened. Ask them for stronger drugs, you shouldn't be in that much pain. Hope you get to come home soon and are feelng better. Merry Christmas.


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Hope it's ok, I am praying for you right now.

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Sorry to hear you're in the hospital, I hope you get well and get home soon

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So sorry to hear that you are in the hospital.

Praying that they can offer you relief from the pain.


Marie who loves kitties

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Hope you get relief for your pain very soon , I will pray for that!
Hugs my friend!

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Sorry to hear this is how you are spending Christmas Day....what happened???
Hoping it is an "Too much eggnog while putting up the Christmas tree" story, and not a cancer story but suspect it is the latter one causing the problems.
Very sorry this is part of your holiday season. Get well soon please okay? and then you can have a "do-over Christmas."
Thinking of you!

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Sending peaceful vibes your way.

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I hope you are out of there soon. Just relax and follow the doctor's orders. Before you know it, you will be back home. Please keep us posted. We are sending good thoughts your way.


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Praying your pain subsides because it is the worse. I was in great pain yesterday and was really worried but it did subside over night and today was pretty good. I hate to hear about your pain.

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Thinking of you and hope you feel better soon. We are here with prayerful thoughts for you.

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So sorry, dear! I hope they can do something about that soon!


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So sorry you had to spend Christmas in the hospital. I hope they have your pain under control. They really must work it and get it right. Saying prayers for you.


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I'm sorry to hear that you're in so much pain. I hope they can figure out what's going on and fast. Sending happy holiday thoughts to room 320.

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I am praying that your pain subsides and that you get tp go home soon. Lisa

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Sorry to read this. I am hoping and praying that by now your pain
is under control.
Sending light your way.

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Blake, how are you doing today?


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Very sorry to hear you're in the hospital and in pain- especially a bummer in a major way over Christmas. Yes, it does seem that they could do a better job with managing your pain. Do they know what the problem is? (sorry if I missed a post where you already talked about this).

Take care- I will say a prayer for you-


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Blake, I was so sorry to read this. i hope your are better today. Sending prayers your way.

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Oh dear, I hope that you're feeling better today. I'm so sorry that you had to spend Christmas in the hospital. Get better soon...



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You better hurry out of the hospital with no pain!!! We need you here!!! :) Wish you the best and hopefully by the time you read this, you won't even remember that you were in a hospital with pain!!!
Take care,
- Sophie

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Got some of the underlying issues cleared out, but the pain persists. In about an hour I get a pain-pump installed, which should allow me to go home.

Hope you all had a Merry Xmas, and wishing you all a Happy New Year!


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Is in! Apparently it will take a few days to work, but the first thing I notice is that I can kid around with the staff and my family; humor and actual pain don't seem to mix well with me.

The pump is a small flask of morphine placed above my right hip, which delivers a small, steady dose directly to my spine. They also give me a little remote control to bump it up if I ever want to play football, or feel like arguing with a cop.

The idea is to deliver powerful anti-pain meds locally so that the do not cause the kind of systemic damage these meds are wont to do (opium is a TCM treatment for diarrhea).

Now, all I need to get taken care of is this small turkey between my legs. The nurses want to truss it up, but that just makes me concerned about ulterior motives....

: smile:

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Buck, so sorry you had to have all this happen over the holidays. I hope they can resolve this for you and have you pain free.

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Glad to hear you got it addressed AND got your humor back. I rely on mine to get me through the bleakest times. Sounds like other things are working right too if you are having Forum fantasies about the nurses :)
Glad you are better~

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Your humor is back. That's a good sign. Lisa

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Pain totally sucks so I'm glad to hear you have a remedy that will be at
its full potential in a few days and then on your way outa there.


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Home for the holidays - sounds good to me:)

Glad you've found pain relief...it is hard to be charming through clenched jaws:)


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So sorry to hear you landed up in hospital and with this pain. But very glad to hear you are hooked up now with a pump -- and with the prospect of getting outa there. For me, "getting sprung" from hospital always helps the humour scales also!!

Thinking of you


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