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What cancer patients, their families, and caregivers need to know about COVID-19.

Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL)

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Hello everyone,

Due to the cancer that I have(had), I have recieved the following recommendation from the MEB folks. They have recommended that I be placed on the Temporary Disability Retired List (TDRL) list with a compensable percentage of 100%. One of the questions that I have is in the informational paper work that was provided to me, it states that if a member is placed on TDRL, you will recieve at least 50% but not more than 75% of his or her retired pay. So does this mean that even though I have been rated at 100%, that I will actually only recieve the maximum of 75%?

Also, since the information on this decision from the medical board was based on medical information that was 5 months old, I am now at 100% in cancer remission according to my most recent medical records. Should I try to reengage my MEB issue to get it to be more current and therefore maybe returning me back to duty, instead of dealing with the MEB bureaucracy. I am active duty Air Force and have been in past 20 years. My preference would be to just try to retire with out this MEB hanging over my head.

Thanks for any feedback on this issue.

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Stealth, I'm not sure about the percentages, but when I looked into the TDRL back in 99, I was surprised to learn that the longest period one could be on it was 5 yrs. After the 5 yrs, one had to go through a med board again and if found fit for duty was taken off the list. Well, then, because one was technically retired, one had to go through an enlistment physical to go back to AD and guess what? Due to age, most usually do not pass! Now you're out of the service with no retirement, no benefits and only the VA (god help us all) to fall back on if the condition that put you on the list reocurred.

What I did, was to go ahead and retire (it was the end of the Clinton Admin and TERA was an option I qualified for. So I was actually the very last person in the Navy selected for early retirement! Would have gotten a little more $$$ if I went TDRL, but the TERA retirement is $$$ till the day I die.

In your case, since you have over 20, and since you are in remission, I would look at regular retirement or even staying a little longer (not a lot of jobs out here)until the economy gets better. Also you have to consider the possibilty of a recurrence of your cancer. As AD, you have no worries about missing work (read as missing pay because you can't work). Also if/when you retire, go see the VA rep on your base before you do! There should be one as in 2002 (I believe), the VA put reps on bases to asst with a retirees or dischargees claims, and to get any claims started. Just because you're in remission doesn't mean a cure, and all you have documented before you get out will put you that much further ahead before you're on your own. Also, because you've had cancer while on AD, you may already be eligible for VA compensation - I'm not sure about this, but it's definately worth looking into. And be sure you talk to a VA rep - not AD personnel about it. I have yet to met an AD dude or dudette that really knew the scoop on the VA - just a lot of misinformation. I used to work for a VA rep on NSB Kings Bay and this is how I've reached this info I'm giving you. Think it all over before you decide whether you go TDRL or regular retirement - but SEE that VA REP!!!!

Good Luck!

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