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sinus cancer

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Hi, I have a rare cancer. ADENOCARCINOMA OF ETHMOID SINUS CAUSED BY ORGANIC WOOD. It is uncureable, and i have to have it removed every three to four months. The most important thing is to stop it going through the ethmoid bone which leads to the brain. The operation to remove the bone and to insert a metal bone is called crainial facial re section. It is a hard and delicate surgery, and it will not be done until it is on the ethmoid bone.
I would like to know if anyone has come across this cancer and/or know anything about the pop.

Merry xmas x

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jim and i
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Never heard of that type of cancer. I guess because it is rare. Sorry to hear it is incurable. You are in my prayers.


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with squamous carcinoma of the ethmoid sinus, which is an entirely different sort of a critter from your circumstance. Did you have occupational exposure to wood dust, or what do they think the vector is in your case?

I'm sorry for your problem. Did some reading and here's what I came up with:

"Treatment is surgical excision with wide margins and postoperative radiotherapy for advanced disease or positive margins. One study evaluated the outcome and prognosis of 44 patients treated for sinonasal adenocarcinoma with endoscopic resection followed by radiotherapy. After 5-year follow-up, the overall survival rate was 63%, the disease-specific survival rate was 82%, and the recurrence-free survival rate was 60%. These results add support to the assertion that endoscopic resection is a valid treatment option to the open resection technique.[28] The rarity of lymph node metastasis makes elective neck dissection unnecessary.

The prognosis for low-grade adenocarcinoma is far better than that for high-grade tumors of the sinonasal area. High-grade adenocarcinomas have a reported survival rate of less than 35% at 3 years, while low-grade adenocarcinoma has a 5-year survival rate of approximately 80%.[29, 30, 31]"

I'm wishing for great results for you. Never give up.


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Wow, do I get this one. My husband has just been going through the treatments for this. His carcinoma was found in very late stages and had already progressed through the bone and attached to the frontal left lobe of his brain. May 30th, 2011. Ron underwent a 20 hour surgery with 6 surgeons. Incredible really, they did what others said could not be done. He had a Cranial Facial resection, including a free flap on the eye, Neck Dissection, removal of the eye and orbit and small portions of bone. They also removed a very minute amount of tissue from the left lobe of his brain. Skin graft to the arm and leg…it was all crazy. This was followed by very high dosage radiation. He completed all in September and is just starting to bounce back. So far, all looks well. The treatment is intense but the gift of life is well worth it.

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Pam M
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Wow, indeed. Glad to hear your husband's recovering. Sorry, but also glad you and singingbog have come across each other here. Hope recovery continues smoothly.

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Wow! That is a scary and amazing sounding surgery! Great to read that so far, all looks well.

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Pam M
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Welcome, and Happy New Year. Please don't feel bad that not many have replied to your post. I'm sure they all wish you well, but are like me, and saying to themselves "Gee, I probably can be of no help whatsoever". I just saw quemon's post about her husband having the procedure - I imagine she'll be a great source of info for you. Do well, and keep us posted.

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I too have one of those rare ones where there isn't a lot of others who can share their experience.

Post often as you feel the need. There may be more out there so make yourself visible to them.

This site is very supportive and a must for me to check in daily. I just don't feel like I'm the only one anymore.

Take Care,


Yea, my picture worked! My two beloved (and no longer with us) Welsh Corgi's

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Love the picture. They are adorable. As you can see, I love my little guy.

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sinus cancer surviving just had surgery going to radiation feeling blue and need to see if others are out there.

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Welcome to the board; you need to start a NEW thread as this is old and we really do not read ones that are years old. Go to the top of the treads and you will see 

Head and Neck Cancer

Yes there are others here that have gone through that.





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personal thread here....


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