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My Mom has stage 3 cancer

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Hi everyone,

My mom has been diagnosed with stage 3 stomach cancer. She is 50. I have already lost my grand mom to stage 4 cancer just 3 months back and we did'nt see it coming. There were absolutely little or no symptoms before it was too late. Everything happened so quickly. She had nausea/vomiting just one month back and was relying on traditional treatment for stomach ulcers before doctor suggested endoscopy and CT scan 1 week back. She was admitted to a hospital and even the doctors could determine the severeness of the cancer as their was nothing major in PET. After that Doctors tried to perform a surgery on her but could not do it as cancer is attached to vital organs including liver and gall bladder. After that Drs advised us that it was stage 3 stomach cancer . She will be undergoing chemotherapy within 1 month or so. I dont know what will happen then. She has already suffered a lot and has had psychiatric illness for a long time so i am not sure if she knows what is happening to her. These days are really hard for me and my family. I am not really sure about chemotherapy as i don't want her to go through any pain or suffering. I just want her live as normal as she can. Does anyone knows anything about the adverse effects of chemotherapy. Is it advisable. I definitely want my mom to increase her life span as much as she can but i m afraid she cant handle the chemotherapy. Any suggestions?

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My husband, 47 was diagnosed with stage 4 2 months ago and like you, we had no warning and surgery is not an option. So far he has undergone 3 treatments. The side effects of the first were really bad, I didn't know what we were going to do, but the 2nd had almost no side effects and the third was minor side effects. It seems that the body tends to react differently each time. He is going for his forth treatment on Wednesday so wish us luck! I will say we questioned things at first but were told that the chemo is what will give him the better quality of life and as much as thing will NEVER be the same, it does seem to be helping. Ask the doctors all the questions you need to ask so that you can understand everything! I hope she reacts well to the chemo!


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Hello: I was diagnosed with stomach cancer in late December. I just completed my first round of chemotherapy; did not find it as bad as I feared. I have had some nausea -- but no vomiting. Fatigue and tingling hands and feet have been the worst. I am scheduled for 2 more treatments; then surgery to remove my stomach. After surgery I will have more chemo. To say that I am frightened is probably an understatement, but I have tons of support from family and friends and I BELIEVE I will get better. My thoughts are with your mom. My advice is just be there for her.

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