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Going down this road too

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My husband has a history of hepatitis C and cirrhosis, so he was being monitored for HCC. Last December he an MRI after a CT scan looked suspicious. He had 3 very very small lesions. AFPs were gradually increasing. As a result of the way they looked, he was ran through a transplant workup. He had a biopsy that came back negative so they decided to monitor him closely every 3 months. We were ambivilent when it came back negative. Kinda hoping that it was cancer so that he could go ahead and hopefully get a liver before we would have to deal with all of the end-stage disease problems. AFPs actually went DOWN after the biopsy.

July's MRI didn't show any change in any of the lesions. November's MRI-another story all together. He has 9 small lesions now. Some are very tiny. AFP is only 12. They did an Ultrasound and could only locate 4 of them (that's good). These things are nestled all nice and snug up under his ribcage which makes biopsy of them a little problematic. So the biopsy wasn't done. Of course, due to the number of lesions, this puts him outside of criteria for a transplant.

Dec. 28 he goes to UMMS for a liver mapping and in Jan he will be hopefully receiving SIRT.

Hi to all! I will post more later.

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