carcinomatous meningitis anyone else?

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Lung Cancer survivor 6 years gets carcinomatous meningitis

Hi, My sister six years ago at 37 was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. She survived by taking Tarceva/Avastin. But she had to battle 3 brain tumors with cyber knife after having seizures. A month ago she had blinding headaches, confusion and double vision which messed up her sight permanently. At the ER she was tested with spinal tap the only way to see cancer in the fluid and lining of the brain and spinal cord. The doctor said as lung cancer survivors live longer this is a progression of lung cancer. (so make sure you ask your doctor for a spinal tap if you are a long term survivor) They had to put a port in her head but she was on Avastin a long time and hemorrhaged and it paralyzed her on the left side. They have given her weeks as this cancer moves fast and attacks the nervous system. I will post a link for more on it. She is 42 now. I just wanted to address this and warn as long term lung survivors will get this more and more. I posted to Lung cancer board as well not knowing what cancer to address?