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Newly dxed with breast ca mets to brain, OMG!

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New to this board, was diagnosed with stage 3C invasive ductal carcinoma on 11/1/2010, 18 of 18 positive nodes, estrogen positive, progesterone and herceptin negative. Left mastectomy, no reconstrution. Did 8 chemo and 33 rads..2 clear chest CT, 4/11 and 10/11, also clear bone scan in Nov. 2010, Taking Tamoxifen for estrogen suppression, still have power port. Woke up 12/8/10 with headache, nausea, neck ache, tummy ache..called in to work slept most of day. Worked 12/9..had no energy that weekend at all. Back to work 12/12 had headache and 20 min per day vision disturbance in right eye. Decided neck was out, went to chiro on 12/16 and 12/19 got lots of relief. Headache back 12/20 went to PCP he said tension and muscle stress migraine, nothing clinical to make us think neurological but do peace of mind MRI tomorrow, and here's some med to break headache cycle. Didn't even have my clothes back on, tech at door, go directly down sidewalke to PCP office. He said something on film, you get a ride to nearby metro area straight to ER, take your MRI disk. They kept me, started oral steroid and told me I would see my Onc. next a.m. At least 3 lesiona and a lot of swelling, Started whole brain radiation yesterday, 2nd trtmt was today. Still steroids, no drvinvg, etc.

Bone scan and CT of chest, abdomen and pelvis all clear, WHEW.

Scared, don't know what to expect, trying to figure out how to cope. Xanax of course. They told me it was blood borne from before original bc dx and surgery.

Any advice on what to expect would bw really appreciated. Especally regarding the day to day living of this whole brain radiation and the hair loss, GEEZ I just got done with my wig in August.

Thank you all, sorry this is so long,


Nana C.
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So much going on within such a little time! I am so sorry you have to go through all this, I am praying that the radiation will work. I am so Thankful it was not found anywhere else on your scan.


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I am so sorry!

Why do they want to do whole brain radiation? Why not use a gamma knife for that one lesion?

Hang in there.


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I understood since there are 3 maybe 4 lesions and one of the biggest ie very near my brain stem that the ywant to shrink or kill as much as they can before going in with gamma knife or another kind. My actual RO was on vakay so this wwas a fill in. I can see the potential for much changing when regular doc back on Tuesday.

Thanks for the responses...I have never been one who is good with the unknown


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