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Resection of left lobe and 16cm tumor

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This thing came out of nowhere and most likely spawned by my Hep C.
I had a Ultrasound done last January and nothing was detected, then, I felt a bump under my rib in july, so I went for a ultrasound and an MRI, this thing was HUGE!
They (SLOAN) removed the tumor in early October. The doctor said he got it all out, he did not see any more of them so I was not given any chemo or anything. He did not refer me to an oncologist, if it comes back he will....
I went back for a 2 month checkup and I was clean, next one is scheduled in 4 months.

I seen a oncologist here locally yesterday and I really liked him.
He told me to get back with a gastro and get my Hep C viral load checked.
My liver does seem to be functioning fine so far.

One problem is that I think about it all the time, have a family and sons 13 and 18...
I seem to be annoying others by contantly talking about it.
So I was wondering if anyone can give me any suggestions on how to get it out of my mind?
I know that many of your have been through so much. They say you have to have a positive attitude but when I read about the life expectancy after a large turmor resection its not very encourging.

Has anyone else has had a large turmor removed and what they might be able to share with me.


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What you are feeling right now is perfectly normal. You have been through a very traumatic ordeal. All of us that have had similar situations, have reacted just like you. Over time you will begin to have less and less fear of tumor returning. And if it does, what can you do but deal with it just as you have done this time. Cancer is a word we have been programmed to fear so much, that this is the "normal" reaction. As for the other people who seem bothered by your constant talking about it, they are just reacting to their fears about cancer, too. Not in a very supportive way, but they are not experiencing your fears, so in order for them to deal with the word "cancer", they avoid. CSN is here for you to inform and support you through this. Visit often and vent if you need to. If that is what you need to do to deal with your situation, do it. But, a little word of advice, don't let your fears paralyze you. You have many things in your life besides this. Concentrate on the rest of your life and the positive aspects. Worry is a waste of time. One thing I have learned with the cancer experience, IS, that we are not in charge. Don't try to be in control of this. Take life one day at a time. One foot in front of the other. Just live!

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I had a 16cm. tumour removed with two liver bisections. I am now three years out and doing fine. I found i couldn't controll what would happen next but I could controll my thoughts. I try to allow myyself to worry the night before the next CT scan and then, till I get results, I don't censor my thoughts. After I get the results, so far so good, I push it out of my mind and each time it pushes back I substitute a different focus. Sometimes it is just concentrating on doing my nail polish right or hands in warm sudsy water doing dishes. I really focus on that. It works most of the time.

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Thanks for sharing, I go for my next CT scan on Apr 2

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Hi Nick,

Like others told you what you are feeling is natural. I had a 10 cm hcc removed in 2007. It consumed my mind. I worried about it and needed to talk about it frequently. One thing that helped me was getting a therapist. I could talk about it and talk about my fear as much as i needed to. It does get better the longer out you go without a problem. It has been 5 years for me and I am doing well. I no longer go to the cancer center and follow up with a yearly tumor marker with my gp. Hang in there.

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Thanks for your reply, I have met with a therapist and it did help.
She said the same thing regarding it gets better with time
5 years, congratulations!
Next scan April 2


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