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I am 7 days post RAI ablation. My lymph nodes under my chin are terribly sore and swollen. I feel horrible today. I have absolutely no energy and do not even feel like sitting up for a long period of time. Has anyone else had this happen to them? I have felt good up until now. I was always a little tired but this is horrible. Is this something I should call my oncologist about or is it perfectly normal?

And Merry Christmas

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Stacie, could it be that this is the result of a high TSH? I felt the same things, and it did not get better until my TSH came down. By the way, are you sure it is lymph nodes bothering you under your chin? Is it possible that it is the salivary glands?

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I felt the same way (both tired and sore under my chin). 12 weeks later I still have some soreness under my chin. The doctors (nuclear med and ENT) recommended ice. They also did a CT scan last week just to be sure, but it is just sore muscles now.
As far as energy goes, I recently asked my doctor to put me back on cytomel and that has helped a lot. My TSH just doesn't adjust very quick and synthroid takes so long to normalize (it took 8 weeks after my TT for my TSH levels to reach over 50 for RAI treatment). I felt really bad through week 6 after the RAI and even started vomiting towards the end. I feel great now and just a bit tender under the chin....nothing I can't live with!

I hope you feel better soon.

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I would try to drink more water. Massaging the area also helps to get the glands moving and stimulated. I did feel a bit tired after my treatments too. This will pass. Get some rest and keep drinking fluids.
Hope you feel better soon.

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I was just freaking out a bit thinking something was wrong. I did call the dr and she called me in some cytomel. Unfortunatley that is not a medication the drug stores here keep in stock I am told and it will be Tuesday before they can have any due to the holidays. So I wait.. I really do appreciate all the help yall have given me.

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