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"treatable but not curable"

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Last month I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. At first I was told I'd get chemo and surgery, but after more scans I was told that my case was likely not curable, but it was treatable. Is it normal for an oncologist to give such hopeless news? And has anyone out there been given similar news?
I'm only 24 and I'm otherwise very healthy and fit. It's hard for me to believe that even after it's metastisized, I am I uncurable. I hear stories of people with cancer in many places at once, including lungs or their liver, and they survive! My lungs are clear, but the cancer is in my left knee, a little higher on my left leg, my left pelvis, and my lower back.
This prognosis just seems too grim and too determined for SO early in the game. I'm in my first round of chemo now and don't see why I can't beat this. Are they just not allowed to tell me I'll be fixed?

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I am constantly furious at doctors who decide your fate in prognosis and time. No one can do that. There are a million people out there who have beaten odds given by doctors.
Think Lance Armstrong. The power of your mind over your body is amazing. Incurable means it will always be with you, that's all. Please take a look at http://www.tamiboehmer.com/ for inspiration. You are strong, you are healthy and you are fit. You logged into Cancer SURVIVOR'S Network. so you are already on your way to being a true survivor and I'm going to be one too.

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to be honest with you doctors will give the run around for as long as they can .. my family was introduced to cancer when my sister passed away from it when she was only 11.
its the will to live .. you can beat it and its gunna be tough.. im currently watching my mom go thru cancer her second time around,my moms bone cancer is every where just like yours. im 17, lived in the hospital with her all thru x-mas way to start off 2012 right?.. whats helped me alot is discussing death with my mother and being as open as possible. dont be scared :/ youll make it through. i just made this account today ... have alot on my mind these days and i figure its bestto talkto the people going through it to get through it

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Like the other posts said you are strong and I believe we beat cancer not just because of the medications, but our will to live! I would also suggest maybe a second opinion not because your dianosis may be wrong, but you may feel better with a Dr that is more optimistic! I guess what Im trying to say is it really helps when everyone involved with your treatment has a positive outlook on your prognosis (sp?) It should not matter if you've already begun treatment. I was told by A Dr that "I needed Chemo and a hip replacement (where my tumor was) and that there was no guarnatee that the Chemo would work, but the success rate was'nt too bad." Obviously my parents took me to another Dr and from the moment I walked in the door of his office he was very optimistic about my treatment...and well here I am 16yrs later and still cancer free! I was also told by the 1st Dr that the chance of having kids after Chemo was slim to none. I was given the same Chemo that he was gonna give me and I have two beautiful healthy kids 9 and 12! Stay strong. I wish you well if you need someone to talk to while your going through or after this you can email me anytime!! my email is avena45@gmail.com Oh yeah and I think that SOME Dr's are just afraid of the "unknown" because they know even if you treat 2 people for the same cancer with the same meds their outcomes may be similar they will also be very different!

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