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24/7 stomach bloating, stinging pain in abdomen

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Merry Christmas to everyone, sorry I couldn't bring happier news but I need help.

I'm a 23 year old male from Arkansas.

About 7 weeks ago, I went to the hospital because of a bloated stomach, lower back pain, and difficulty breathing. They did some bloodwork and an Xray, everything came back fine. I got a call a day later saying that I had an abnormal xray and needed a CT scan. CT scan showed a 10cm cyst on my left kidney. Simple cyst, non cancerous the size of a grapefruit. I was referred to a Urologist to discuss it with him. He thought I should watch it for a while to see if it gets any bigger or if my symptoms go away.

Mean while The symptoms had gotten worse. My bloating in my stomach gotten worse, its worse in the middle of the day and is dealable only when I awake in the morning. I've now started passing bright red blood in my stool. I get pain in my neck and head when I sit at the computer for more than a few minutes and now I get dull pains in my back which makes it hard to breathe when lying down.

I went back to the urologist and he told me to take some magnesium citrate to clear out my system. Just made me feel worse for a few days.

I also have a slight lump just under my hip on the left side. I don't remember it prior to the start of the symptoms. The Urologist passed it off as fatty tissue and said if it got bigger they could remove it. It hasn't gotten any bigger although I do sometimes have aches in that leg.

Once I started passing blood I went to the ER where they went over my CT scan again, and all the doctors thought everything looked normal aside from the 4" cyst. I have apt on the 28th to have an colonoscopy done and he is suppose to refer me to another urologist to get my cyst drain. That is, unless he finds something wrong.

Just to recap
my symptoms now are:

1. 24/7 bloating in my stomach, pressure that feels like I've eaten a large meal even when I haven't.
2. Slight knotted/dull pains in my back which makes it difficult to sleep when lying down at night

3. Neck and sinus pain which occurs when sitting at the computer. Seems to go away when I move about.

4. Bright red blood in my stool. Feels like a pressure on my prostate area also. No trouble passing urine. But blood in stool and the stool is loose and flatter than usual.

So yeah, I feel like utter hell right now and the doctors can't seem to find out whats wrong with me. I just can't see what else could cause this. Im afraid it could be cancer. But could a huge cyst like that be pushing on my other organs causing issues maybe?
Any ideas?

Thanks and Godbless.

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Cysts on the kidney are normal; just about every one of us has one, but we don't know it until we get a CT scan.

Good that you have a scope scheduled soon...I'm taking a break as I'm prepping for my scope tomorrow....very routine for a cancer patient.

Bleeding is not a good sign - it could be hemorrhoids, which can bleed on and off, or it could be a cancerous tumor. The scope is going to tell you that. Hang on till then - don't panic on what you don't know you have yet.

I know how unnerving it is to pass blood in the bowl - you never get used to it.

If it is cancer, many of us here can help guide you through the process with our experiences.


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So sorry to hear that you are feeling so poorly.

Having the colonoscopy done is a good thing. The blood and change of stool shape indicate a problem, but it doesn't have to be cancer.

As to your other issues, I would suggest that you get a good ENT person for the neck and sinus pain, a good gastroenterologist for the other.

You need to push for answers and plans of acttion to get you to feeling better.

Marie who loves kitties

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Worst case scenario. If it is colon cancer, what stage would it likely be? I've had 2 KUB X-Rays and a CT scan with contrast, surely it would be lesser stage or they would have known?

Ive also had 2 blood tests and several urine tests and everything came back normal.

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You should wait to hear what results are. Blood can be caused by fissures too and they cause a lot of blood. We are here if you need us. Be rest assured that your symptoms are a cause for alarm, but not necessary for concern until you get checked. Wishing the best for you. Let us know how you are doing.


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Nana b
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If you go to the emergency room. They will do the colonoscopy in a day or two but that would mean you may be in hospital Chrstmas. I would go, because i can't believe I didn't go when I should have. I still bloat 24/7. Are you allergic to anything that you eat anyway! Or drink?

Get it done. You need to know ASAP. My two cents.

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Had the colonoscopy a weeks ago, all clear except some spots I believe he called lymphadenitis. He took some biopsies and found a bacterial infection. Oddly enough, he just told me to take some fiber supplements and come back if that didnt help. Why would you prescribe fiber for a bacterial infection? Wouldn't you prescribe some type of antibiotic first?

Im going to see my primary doc tommorrow about my neck swelling/headaches, i think its whats causing my breathing issues as well. I'll ask him what he thinks about the fiber/anti biotics thing tomorrow. Considering the "lypoma" in my leg, I suspect its more than that. Thinking of getting a biopsy on that to make sure its not lymphoma or something worse.

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