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Does anyone remember Linda Imliess

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Haven't heard from her in a long time and went to write her a PM and it said that she doesn't exist anymore. Anyone know how she is doing. Think last I've read that it spread but it has been awhile ago. She found out she had cancer around the time of mine. Just wondering.


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I checked the member list for "Imliess" and she is still there. I checked postings but found noting later than 2009.

I checked facebook and she is there and had new posts in October, so we can hope that all is well for her.

She was also on the Christmas Card list so perhaps she will reply to someone or come on here for a quick visit.

Marie who loves kitties

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Posts: 6709
Joined: Feb 2009

Marie could you please give me her facebook page. I'm not sure why I could not pull her up on this board. Must have entered it wrong, but please send me that in a PM if you could.

Hugs! Kim

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I think of Linda too. I know she has a little girl, I think 7 years old now. I would love to know how she is doing. I was so sad to hear about her reoccurance.


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