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New development - not serious but would like your advice

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Hi All,

I'm a little over three years out. Lucky because I've had relatively few side effects. I had some uncontrolled leakage from about 6 months out to 1 year out but then it stopped. But just twice in the last month I've had fluid escaping (very UNexpectedly) from the rear. Both times followed a bout of diahreaa - I thought it was done but then 5-10 minutes later - whoops! what's that!?!? It doesn't seem to be related to diet.

It's fluid, not a whole lot but enough to need a change of clothes - maybe 1-2 tbsp. It's not real poopy - it's liquid with some brown color. Has anyone experienced this after 3 years out? Any recommendations? I thought about taking Immodium but I'm so prone to constipation, I'm reluctant. Oh, the joy. :)

And more importantly - - - Merry Christmas to everyone!

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Hi Rose,

I'm wondering if this is the dreaded whale snot. I know I completed tx 6-30-09, and just recently had liquid come out unexpectedly. Wasn't like you said poop, but brown. I am thinking this is just a part of the healing process. I know Martha could tell us more and hopefully she will post. I know many survivors have gone through this, but not what the time period was.

I posted on the Mucous discharge thread to bring it to the top and theres a lot of info there.


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I am almost 3 years out from treatment and have had this occasionally. I was pretty much told to expect oddities as the body continues to heal. I had my last CT scan about 3 months ago which was clear. After what our bodies have been through we will probably have something that will seem strange.

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I am 16 months post-treatment and evey now and then the same happens to me. My surgeon told me to always expect it as a side effect from the radiation
Not likely to ever go away !!

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I am over 3 years out and I still have the occasional slight leakage, usually when I am extremely gassy and can't tell gas from anything else. I had the flu the weekend before Christmas and had to wear a pad. It was terrible! My experience has been that it improved greatly with time and I hope your issues will too!

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Your comment about being gassy truly struck a chord. We traveled to Southern California and within two days I was needing diapers. Hello! Too many chips, salsa, other spicy sauces and BEANS! OH GOSH, I really was not thinking! Once I started refusing chips and eating fish and rice only - no spices - my problem with leakage cleared up. But I think it's kind of sad not being able to eat anything I want - just not as sad as dying from cancer!

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Thanks everyone!
I'll learn to deal with it, no problem (well, yes problem - but we all deal with something, huh?). :)

Happy New Year's! Stay safe!

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