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does this sound familiar with anyone? ok, stage iv breast with mets to all of the bone-my husband.

He is in constant pain, hard to control.
43 and needs a walker to get around. Keeps falling. lost over 100 lbs in 2 years.
Chest hurts, bones ache so until he can't ride in a car. Hard to sit down.
Barely moves. Stop eating. lost tremendous amount of weight. Need encouragement, has anyone experienced this and bounced back.

Currently taking a break from treatment.

Never gets a break from pain. Is the pain chemo related maybe or just bone cancer.

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Ive recently been told by my nurses in the hospital that most people with bone cancer are in constant and severe pain. I was told that a side effect from my chemo treatments for osteosarcoma could also cause general soreness. A friend of mine experienced such extreme skin sensitivity from her treatment that the shower flow was unbearable(different type of cancer though). This is a wild ride and has so many unpleasant aspects. I'm guessing you've talked with your oncologist about this, what did they say?

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I never ever get a straight answer. I have been told my husband has lung mets, buying time, to doing okay...you are right wild rollercoater ride. Losing a lot of weight though. I don't know anymore!

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