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Taking just Gemzar - what side effects?

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Hi all,
Any of you taking only Gemzar? What are the side effects you can espect from it?


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I've done carbo alone for first line therapy & now am on carbo with Gemzar. The main difference I have noticed is that the FATIGUE has been considerable. Other than being wiped out for a few days, Gemzar is not too bad.

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Sorry I can't comment on jut Gemzar by itself. Having had a lot of success on Carbo/Taxol for 11 months till it lost its effect, I'm now on Taxol/Gemzar. I was told that on Gemzar, my hair would thin but that I would not lose it altogether, but I did lose it (fortunately that didn't worry me). The main thing I've noticed is that For the first month on Taxol/Gamzar, it had NO effect at all on the cancer. My CA125 went very high (up to 38,000) and I wondered why the onc. kept me on it. They, the next blood test showed that the CA125 went down to 29,000 which suggested that the Taxol/Gemzar was starting to kick in, but I must say that I'm not *feeling* it. Not at all. My abdomen is still very swollen, and I'm very short of breath because of that. Have trouble sleeping because it it too. Feel very tired, waiting now for the OxyNorm to relax my lung muscles so I don't fee the shortness of breath. For now, so far, there has been no up-side of this combination. Mouth ulcers and cramps also a constant. Oh well..

How much difference I would experience if I were only on Gemzar, I couldn't say, but if after the next test on my CA125, if it isn't still going down, I'll be asking to try a different combination.

Good luck

And to all, as much as you can, enjoy the Christmas spirit.


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