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Special Prayers for Jimwins

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Hi All

Our dear funny man, Jim ( Jimwins) is in need of some extra special prayers and positive thoughts. He and his family are in the middle of a crisis.

I just want to ask any and all of you to say some special prayers or send some positive thoughts for Jim's beloved sister, Wanda. She was taken to the hospital today and is unconscious in the ICU with a brain hemorrage.

Jim is such a special funny guy. His humor helps so many of us. He and his family now need us to help them.

Since he shared this news with us on the Lymphoma board today, I have taken the liberty to share this news with you. I have seen his posts on this board many times.


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Lisha, this was so thoughtful of you to advocate for Jim and his family. I truly believe in the power of prayer and the more the better. Jim has helped us in so many ways and our prayers are a way of reciprocating that back.

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I agree that there is power in numbers. Jim has given me so much, and to give even just a little back to him and his family means so much to me. I just read his morning update and my heart is heavy. Continued prayers for Wanda...


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My sister was officially pronounced this morning.

She was an organ donor so they are maintaining the body to test
and find matches for those in need for donor organs.
Hospital and organ donor staff had a short service and
raised a flag in front of the hospital in her honor this
afternoon at 2:00pm. Her daughter Tosha (who usually did her hair)
cut her beautiful long hair to be donated to "Locks of Love".
We had a short prayer service in her room afterwards lead by Tosha's husband.

The remains will be cremated after organ and tissue harvesting is completed - which was my sister's wish. Tentative plans are to have a memorial service some time after Christmas.

This was all very sudden and to the best of my knowledge, Wanda did not suffer
and for that I'm grateful.

She had a deep love of and extraordinary gift with animals and was widely known for this.
A very kind and giving person, she will be dearly missed.

It breaks my heart to have to share this news with you but
my baby sister is gone. I'm so proud of her for being so kind,
thoughtful and selfless in donating her organs/body to those in need.


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Jim, I lost my brother to a brain hemorrhage last year. I am so sorry for your loss.

Prayers lifted for you and your family.

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My baby sister died December 21, 2012. What a shock to me. She was such a sunny and giving person. Her family and friends were her life. She worked for a depatment in the hospital that took care of elderly people who had nothing. She could be very selfless. I still tear up when I think of her.

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