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bad day for me

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So today I did my regular routine of getting up and watching movies. Lol. I have to be at work at four and so I had to wash my hair and blow dry and straighten it. I've been in a good mood all day until I looked in the mirror and it hit me that I just don't feel pretty anymore. I need to have some major work on my teeth and the biggest problem is coming up with the money to do it. Anyone have any advice on where I can get this done effectively but kind of cheap. I've got to get this done because I'm so tired of having days like this!


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May be able to direct you to some service providers who could help you.

Locally, there are dentists from time to time who just open their doors and work 24 hours on providing free services to the community. The local or state dental health board may be able to help, too.

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