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1 year post-op recurrence UPDATE

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I received the results from dad's PET and he had the US biopsy yesterday. WE see the oncologist Friday morning, but here's what we know so far.

Question - What does the SUV stand for? I assume signal strength.

1. Postoperative changes from Esophagectomy.. Evidence of metastatic disease in the AP window subcarinak and right hilar regions of teh chest. Additional metastaic lymphadenopathy is seen in the right periaortic region in the upper abdomen.
2. Bilateral pleural effusions with the right effusion increased compared with the 11/30/11 CT scan. Increased metabolic activity in the atelectatic portion of the left lung is potentially suspicious for metastaic disease. A thoacentesis with cytology evaluation may be helpful.
3. No definite bony metastaic disease is seen but focus in the left pubic symphysis region with increased metabolic activity and a focus in the L4 vertebral body are both potentially suspicious. Correlation with whole body bone scan may be helpful.

I'm pretty clear on what this all means, but would like some insites as to what chemo has been found to help the best - even if it's just to keep the monster at bay for a while without causing too much discomfort. Quality before quantity.


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