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I've been reading posts off and on since my surgery back in August and love seeing everyone's positive words and the encouraging situations as I watch many of you go in for your CT scans and come back with clear results.

Today I had my CT scan. It was supposed to be last Monday but I got the flu. Since I had to reschedule everything, I now have to wait 8 days for my results instead of 2 as I originally had scheduled. I hate waiting.

After reading everyone's posts, and knowing how small my tumor was, I know logically I have very little to worry about. It is amazing to me that my logical mind takes a back seat to my emotional thinking when it comes to waiting for these results. I didn't think I'd worry at all but I guess it is all part of the experience.

I am also surprised at how many of us are from MN and are in our 40s. I feel very fortunate - I love my doctor and feel like I could not possibly be in better hands.

Anyway....wanted to share my waiting game with all of you. I know you can relate.

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You say you love your doctor and I must say that if that's him in the picture you're right to be worried!

You're smiling in the pic. (or is that the doctor in the white coat?) - keep on smiling and stay busy, it's only a few days until you get what's very likely to be good news.

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That first scan is the hardest, all the emotions from diagnosis, surgery, pathology reports, and recovery are still raw and unsettled, but you can chip away at them with the logical side of your brain that you spoke of. It takes practice, but you can tame that emotional gorilla on your right. Start by concentrating on all of the positive things that you know logically to be true, early detection, small tumor, clear margins, 90% minimum cure rate, etc., include thoughts about all of the things you are "GOING TO DO" with your new lease on life, call it a bucket list if you want, but make it real. The more you can look forward with anticipation to all the good things that are yet to be, the less control your emotions will will have. Soon you'll have a spider monkey on your shoulder instead of a gorilla at your side. I predict this report will be one of the greatest Christmas presents you have ever received.

Hang in there,


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Waiting is the hardest part. Just take two bananas and call us in the morning when you get your results. A bunch of us really are concerned. Well, enough of that. I was scared as hell waiting for my results after my 6 month scan. Good luck.

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