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1 year post-op recurrence

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I've been reading and catching up on all the news here on the discussion board. I last wrote after dad had 6mth checkup that was great. He had clean CTs and had gained all his weight back. Everything was going great until his one year checkup. The CT came back with increased size in lymphnodes and possible mets to lungs. He had a possitve PET and US biopsy today. Regrettably, his monster has returned.

Would anyone have advice or wisdom to share that has been successful treating a recurrence?

Thank you

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I'm so sorry for the bad news. It's rough to hear it I'm sure. Hugs to you!

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I wish I had some good advice for you on successful treating a recurrence. You might check into the ECAN web site and look into the Doctors working with regenerative medicine. We will hold onto hope for Dad.

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I am so sorry to hear that your Dad's cancer has returned. There are a number of people that have posted here who are dealing with treatment of a recurrence. I must admit that the success rate at returning to "remission" after a recurrence is not high, but there are some here who have maintained a good quality of life for some time after their recurrence. I hope they will post here and give you some feedback about what chemotherapy approaches were used.

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
McCormick, South Carolina

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Thank you for the words of wisdom and hope, and for any that are yet to come. I have always appreciated the knowledge and experiences that you all share. This site (and William) helped me to advocate for post-op chemo a year ago, but unfortunately, dad had complications and had to stop 10 days into it. I knew then that we would face this day, but had, with each passing scan, held out hope that the monster wouldn't rear its ugly head.

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I am SO sorry sorry. I hate the word recurrence worse ONLY than the words EC.
We're here for you, of course, and are praying. Maybe they can catch it early enough to do something. Keep up posted I love you and I am so sorry. HATE this cancer.

God Bless you

Eric and Michelle

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Danielle, hopefully your dad is stronger now and will be able to tolerate chemo/radiation. Not sure what options the drs are giving you.


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See my blog or post for ideas

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