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Major Decision Made & Surgery Day Set

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Hello my friends.....thank you all so much for your thoughts, prayers, & input while I've been dealing with the 'uncertainty' of my next steps on this journey.
Have any of you seen the tv movie "The Heart of Christmas"? I recorded it & watched a few times (crying each time!). Its a true story about a little boy diagnosed with lukemia. His mom blogged about the progress, etc. (kind of like we do here!). Basically the show was saying to cherish time with family & friends. Life is too short for 'worries & what-ifs'.
Yes of course I want more time with my family....my grandkids! And I'm willing to do what I need to in order to accomplish this.
So although I'm still anxious scared nervous.....all those crazy emotions! I will be doing the APR surgery. I did meet with an ostomy nurse & a lady who's had an ostomy for 8 yrs. It brought so much light to all our questions. I'm done being a hermit & slave to the bath rm! And I really don't want to see my dr every 3 months for biops, dx, etc. We all know how much fun the dr can be don't we! heehee
Yes it will be 'life changing'....but one can adapt in time. My cancer center is so supportive along with our insurance company which has nurses we can call any time. I am so ready to enjoy life, travel again....& I'm sure my hubby is too!! (its hard to even go out to dinner) So the surgery date will be Feb. 2, 2012. And its on Ground Hog's Day imagine that!!?? haha!!

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I know it must have been a hard decision, but now that you have made the decision now you may get on with living, and get rid of any bad cells and all the issues with the instability of the bowel. I am sure it will be an adjustment but you will be able to control your bowel now. It looks like you have great support. I hope you have great holidays and I wish you well. Please keep us posted. Lori

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Just know our thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family. It sounds like you are now comfortable with your decision. This is what matters to each individual. My neighbor's brother has had his colostomy for 15 years with minimal problems. She said he does have some diet restrictions to make certain the stoma stays clear. She said there is no restriction in his quality of life which is a good thing.

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You sound determined and strong, hang in there! I will keep you in my prayers during the next part of your journey. It's amazing what we can do and endure for the love of our families. Here's to all that you're looking forward to enjoying in the not too distant future, may God speed!

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Keep moving ahead and dont worry. I had my surgery Feb.2nd just last year. As I said before it will not be as bad as you may be imagining at all. There will be some getting used to things but in time you will find your way. As you may have heard from others, I also have some foods that are not so much off limits but do have digestive ???? side effects so I just prefer to avoid. Sometimes I just eat what I want and deal with it though. Like everything else we are all different and what works for one may not work for another. The hard part of having my colostomy is explaining things ( or not ) to others....just another thing that is hard to relate to unless you've been there. Be patient, in time you will appreciate the freedom it sounds like you are sooo missing. I am always here if you have ???? or just want to talk. My doc is still hoping I can have a reversal but it is not looking too promising as I had had quite a large tumor and now have lost most muscle control due to radiation and may still need surgery. So for now, I am ok with where Im at and try to be thankful for what I have. And yes life is too short, just last week my husband had a full bone marrow transplant in a hospital 3hrs away from home. For the next 4 months I live between the two towns and on the road trying to keep my family and home and health together always praying and trying to look ahead for all of us yet not wanting to loose sight of the here and now. May Christmas bless you and your family with vision to know peace in your life and health for us all.

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I just wanted you to know you helped me feel more at ease with my decision. As for any diet changes, I've had to deal with that anyway because after my treatments its still hard to eat some foods. The big thing I've been told to avoid so far is corn! (I love it on the grill in summer so it'll be missed for sure!! haha) We've told our kids (their all in their 20's & understand somewhat) along with my siblings. I will be self-conscious at first I'm sure but once I adjust it'll be ok. And yes I am anxious but ready to have it done so I can start getting adjusted, getting stronger, start living again.
I also placed a 'discussion' for more input on the colorectal site here & have gotten quite a few replys. I'm absorbing all the info I can to be ready!!
I want you to know I'll keep you & your hubby in my prayers. You do have alot going on. May God bless you & your family.

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Sounds like you are in a good place with your decision and ready to enjoy life. A friend of my mother had a colostomy over 40 years ago and is enjoying life without complications or restrictions in her eighties. You are in my prayers. ~ Carol

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I know this may all seem daunting right now, but you will get through it. You have gotten lots of good information and I sense that you are not fearing it as much as you were--that's great. May Feb. 2nd. be the day you get freed from this cancer and can begin recovery and getting your life back. You will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers.

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I really appreciate you sharing your journey with us. In my life everything gets better once I make a decision. The hardest thing is being stuck with not knowing what to do. I am sorry you have had these mobility issues. I am also so grateful we have each other and there are others here who have helped you with upbeat information about people who have had this procedure which I am sure is true. Acceptance is huge. I am so glad you can go into the new year finding some peace.
Happy Holidays,

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