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topo not working......christ I am in pieces

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I am in bits.
I missed the chance to go and see the consultant today.
I then received a phone call from my sister saying that basically we are at the end of the road with mum , and that they would now only offer palliative care.
My god , I new this was in the post but , but hearing it for real is sick.
I cannot believe this happpening to my mum.I know,why not my mum, but I just cannot get my head around this at the moment.ggg
My mum is being sent home to die , this is not real , my rock , my soul mate, myg woman who has the answer to everything.
Please pray for her , we are going to see if she is eligable for a trial tomorrow, I have looked at the criteria and as she has had steroids I don't think she will fot the criteria,

This is not fair, none of this is fair on any of us , but tonoght I ant to scream. Ggggrrrrrrrrr!
I am petrified after seeing Linda and Nancy go down so quick , I think we don't have long

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My thoughts are with you sweetheart, as you can see from my post we are in pretty much the same situation

Much love to you X

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Can't they try another chemo?

What makes them decide *this* is it?

My prayers are with your mum.


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..not you too. My heart goes out to you as well as to Stella as I will soon be in the same position as you. I am afraid to read that when it is "final" it seems to go so fast! From able to treat some more to final. It makes me scared. Why so fast?? Why so terminal? Mum has been in palliative now for 10 months and they still treat her. Or maybe tomorrow there is another call.. I hope you will be able to be close close to your mum during this time. My mum is only 19 years older than me and as you say, mum is my world, my rock, my soulmate and I can not understand how life will turn out without her being fysically present. But you are not alone and I hope we can comfort each other.

Love, Sophie

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Hi all: I thinking of you all especially at this time of year. I lost my mom in May and think about her all the time. There is always hope.

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