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Grandma's visit

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My grandma had her Lung cancer DX 4/04 at the age of 69 and radiation for treatment. She was diagnosed with COPD in 2005 and given the all clear in 2009 or 2010 by her oncologist. She has had labored breathing for quite some time but her PCP sent her by ambulance last week to the hospital for "change in mental faculty" and worsened breathing along with low Oxygen levels. She was thinking either Blood Clot or Cancer was back.

Her CT scan showed a upper lung density, they ruled it as an infection but then said it was scarring from radiation. Now they are saying she has Severe Pulmonary Hypertension and it is not curable and there is only treatment of symptoms. That it will lead to right side heart failure and then full heart failure. He stressed Severe and had no time frame of how long of life expectancy she has left. She was released to home and urged to move to a assisted living facility and is on Oxygen 100% of the time. I am glad the cancer is back but still very worried about her.

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My husband has only been diagnoised since 3-11.Stage 4 Lung in the bones now - he is 68.
He is a fighter and a wonderfully upbeat guy, but understands this is serious. We try to leave the worry to the Good Lord and find the best in each day - and as you know some are just better than others! I find he needs more TLC these days and that I can do.

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