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1 Year since surgery

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Lee Christensen
Posts: 43
Joined: Nov 2010

Today is my 1 year anniversary date of my surgery. It's been a long year ups and downs with lots of bumps along the way. But here I am, well and getting stronger every day.

MIE Rochester, Mn 12-20-10

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Joined: Sep 2010

You have been through so much this past year. It's wonderful that things are better! Happy Anniversay, I'm so happy you are doing well! Linda

Posts: 149
Joined: Jul 2011

Congratulations, the first year after your op has got to be the toughest. Hopefully you will go from strength to strength now. T2M0Nx sounds good to me. Best of luck for the future.

Ann (2)
wife of Alan T3N1M0

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Joined: Apr 2010

I found that things seemed to get much better after my first year. It is great to hear that you are doing well!!!!

Paul Adams,
McCormick, South Carolina

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Joined: Aug 2010

It does continue to get better. Keep up the good work.

Gerry (going on year 2 since surgery)

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Joined: Sep 2011

Good for you! 1 year is a milestone!

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Joined: Aug 2009

Hi Lee,
As others have said that first year is the toughest, just glad that you have made it to this anniversary and things should get better. Happy for you and your family, it is a cause to celebrate for sure!!! take care and thanks for sharing!!

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Joined: Oct 2011

Congrats Lee!

Very happy to hear of the milestone!

Daughter of Roy
Ivor Lewis Robotic 10/7/11

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Joined: Dec 2009

It's only going to get better! Keep up the fight!

2.5 years from surgery

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