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Way too many bills!

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My friends have set up a page for me at giveforward.com/ Just search for Elise's cancer battle. Anyone know of other ways to combat the bills? As a single mom, these bills are just getting CRAZY!

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A friend of mine got help with a number of things, utility bills, transportation costs, etc. from an assortment of organizations, but I think she started with the ACS, got connected via them. She even got a small grant for her daughter. And if you're unable to work, you could apply for Social Security Disability. I applied for that in August and got approved last month, so it didn't take too long. You could also try this website to see what's available:
Resources for Financial Assistance for Cancer Patients

Good luck! Ann

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Thanks so much for the tips!

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Go over to the Colon Cancer Alliance. They have a "Blue Note Fund" to help families. This year they were able to help 400 families. You can read about it on there, make the necessary contact and maybe you will qualify for some fiancial assistance. This is specifically for people with colon cancer.

I know I am dreading January 1 when the co-pays start again for us. We have to pay 20% until we reach $8,000, then it is covered 100%. Last year it was $7,500 but it has now gone up to $8,000, ugh. Guess it is number crunching time again.

Good Luck - Tina

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Tina, I am right there with you. I owe the Hospital somewhere aroung $7,000. In collections but they won't do a payment plan.
I really wish the hopsital would intervene when people are hopitilized multile times and in weekly/biweekly treatment....i had NO brain cells, I couldn't have taken care of my 'real" life even if I wanted to.


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