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Lumps in armpits

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Mom was dressing for a visit to the oncologist and found large lumps under her armpits. They are the size of a grape - some smaller. Nodes? Indicative of cancer spread?

I will ask the Onc nurse if she should see the oncologist. She's only scheduled for a PICC line dressing change.

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Hi Ginny,
Glad you will have the nurse check them out, it could be lymph nodes doesn't necessarily mean cancer spread with all your mom has gone thru she may just have enlarged nodes from all the inflammation etc. But definitely needs to be checked. good luck, take care,

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Turns out our worries for for naught! Mom has plugged pores and they turned into boils or cysts. She needs to apply hot towels to see if the cysts will drain. If not, we go to her GP and he will lance them.


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Isn't it strange how things change our perception of what is "serious". Certainly having boils or cysts in our arm pit that may have to be lanced would be the kind of thing that we would have thought would be horrible before cancer arrived. Now it is viewed as "good news".

I hope the warm towels do the trick and your mom does not have to go to the doctor to have that done. She has had a rough enough time with the side effects of the chemotherapy and radiation.

I will be praying that things resolve themselves with the hot towels,

Best Regards,

Paul Adams
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Paul, your post made me smile. Yes, I can't imagine ANYONE being happy with boils or cysts under the armpits! We were elated! Everyone was smiling and happy during the exam results. Now, that is funny.

Mom had a rough night. I think she took too many pain pills or took the wrong pill or something. She tried to walk from her bedroom to the bathroom and fell backwards. We let her lay on the floor until we determined she was not hurt. Then had her sit for a longer period, then hubby hubby hoisted her up much to her snapping at us that she could get up on her own. (Fat chance.)

Well, she was wobbly and instead and could not stand up. I managed to get her PJ bottoms on, and marched her straight to bed where she complained bitterly that she still had a Tee shirt on. I got her under the covers and she zonked before I got the lights out.

This morning - no pain meds nor has she asked for any. She did ask if she fell or was she dreaming. After breakfast, I spent the next hour grooming her. I cut her hair, did a blow-dry and style, then I gave her a wonderful sponge bath while we had hot towels stuff under her armpits to get those cysts to pop. I lotioned her up, then puffed her with a delicious powder puff and dressed her. I added a spritz of Boucheron perfume to top it off.

She didn't want to put shoes on. She wanted slippers. I said she needed shoes for balance, of which she has none. After eating a snack, I funded her in a robe that has to weight 2x more than she weighs, and outside into the sun we went. We walked back and forth and forth and back. Finally she said that's enough. In we came and now she's back in bed napping.

All said, we're having a great morning! I have now hidden all the meds.

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