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I'm back after TT

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I had my TT on December 9th. My incision is just beautiful. MD Anderson is amazing. I went in thinking they were going to just take the right side (the one with the 3.3cm nodule) since it had caused some damage to my right vocal chord. The dr. didn't want to risk damage to the left if that nodule was fine. However, I woke up with the whole thing gone. Still waiting on pathology.

Recovery has been good. The most painful part has been my ocipital/temporal bones in my head--they knocked them out of whack when they had to pull my head so far back.

I'm on 100 mcg of Syhthroic and 20mcg of Cytomel for now. I got back on Jan. 4th for my follow up.

I also graduated with my AAS in computer systems maintainence technology on Dec. 9th. So, I've been busy.

How is everyone doing? Sunny? Nasher?


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Hi Sarah!

Sounds like you are pulling through this just fine. Great to hear! Congrats on finishing school, that is fantastic. I finished my internship two weeks after my Thyroidectomy, graduated and starting working the following month. It was great to know that I could endure so much and still carry out my goals. You should be very proud of yourself. My mom and dad always said, "that which does not kill you only makes you stronger." I believe it.

Sorry to her about the bone pain you are having. Hoping you heal fast. I wish the surgeons would be more careful when they position patients. They did something similar to my neck during surgery. I have a Chiari Malformation (skull) and they had my head titled in such a way that it partially cut off the cerebral spinal fluid and I had issues for a while.

I am doing okay but I am now in the process of finding out what is going on with my right breast. Found a mass during a diagnostic mammogram and I am going for more images, Ultrasound and probably a FNA on the 5th of January. Not sure if it's just the same old story, Galactorrhea (which I have had since I quite breastfeeding), if the Thyroid cancer has metastasized again, or if it's a new cancer. Just playing the waiting game now. Almost becoming routine at this point. The good news is that my last Pap smear was normal. Gotta look on the bright side right? I had been letting my routine physical exams go for more than two years because I was dealing with Thyroid cancer.

Getting geared up for the Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society here in our town this coming March. I am the Team Development Chair and a Team Captain. My husband is the Sponsorship Chair. Last year we raised $54,000. This year we are hoping to raise a bit more. Our little town raised more than all the other relays in the entire city of Tucson last year. It feels good to be a part of something that helps other people dealing with cancer. Every loved one I have lost has been to cancer so I am really passionate about finding a cure.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family. Best wishes for a speedy recovery too.


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