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Take Care of Yourself - Reminders

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It's been a while since I bugged folks (and invited you to bug me). If you have been putting off the dentist, OB/GYN, yearly check up, dermatologist, mammogram, colonoscopy, depression screening (hah!) or other routine maintenance, make your early New Year's resolution to schedule them. It might help to post such resolutions here, so we can try to encourage (nag) you to follow through.

You all helped me so much when I needed encouragement to get treated for my PTSD/depression/anxiety attacks. I did 4 months on Zoloft and just recently stopped (about 2 days of heck, after which I was able to start some tryptophan) and I am feeling pretty well. Thank you for the help - I might not have been brave enough to admit having those anxiety attacks to my doctor without the encouragement.

I've still not done my colonoscopy - I have no symptoms, but I'm at that age where I should get one regularly, so that is now my most important thing (having got past the whole cowering in my room from anxiety thing). So my goal is to make the appointment by January 1. . . .

Anyone else have a goal they want to share?

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Yes, my goal is to eat better for ME - while Jim was sick and trying to regain weight, he was more interested in food if someone sat down and ate with him - guess who that was? So, it's time for me to get back on my low-salt diet and start exercising more.

Colonoscopy - had my first a couple of weeks ago and it truly is no big deal, as most people say. Worst part is the prep and I can't even say that was so bad. The hype was worse, really, although I am not unhappy that the doctor said I don't need another one for ten years :)

Hugs, Mary. And Merry Christmas!

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My husband has cooked, shopped and taken care of me for a very long time. Yes, I'm spoiled rotten. This last year, helping him fight his battle has been tough on both of us. And, to top it off, when the poor guy doesn't feel like it, I'm not worth a poop in the kitchen. I cooked many years ago and I know how, I just absolutely hate it. And I am out of practice! When I do cook, it's usually not very healthy.....I love butter, chocolate & bacon!

So, one of my goals is to put a little more effort into healthy cooking for my husband and for me. He is going into his second battle with this dreaded disease and I've read enough to know that a healthy lifestyle can only help him.

Every January I go for my annual physical which includes mammo/PAP/chest xray, etc. She always checks my neck/chin area and says somehting like "....not a thyroid promblem, maybe you just eat too much!" (She's Indian, 72 yrs old, and 4' tall) Now, I'm overweight by 20 lbs or so, but she always makes me feel like I should be on one of those documentarys about "The heaviest woman in the world".

I'm going to need lots of encouragement with my cooking (some ideas, please) and exercise. I'm praying that these changes will help me with the 'come and go' depression that I have to constantly work through.

Here's to supporting each other..........

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I need a vacation! I have had repeating mammograms (everything is okay) and a d and c all within the past 3 weeks. I have not had a vacation since 2008 that doesn't invlolve family members.

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Oh, dear, I just realized that I need all of the above!! (Including the vacation - and someplace warm please.) :-D

Happy Holidays everyone,


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Since your message, I have had colonoscopy, physical, dental, bloodwork, and an x-ray from when my god-son aggravated the arthritis in my neck (don't tell him, I don't want him to think he can get the best of me). I am taking a sleeping pill now, and trying to knock off some of those duties people are quick to assign you to with no regards to your situation.

We switched dentist, as the one I had was only polishing my teeth, and I knew that was not good enough!

Take care.

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You rock - great job! I'm inspired. . . .and in awe. I really love the idea of ducking when folks throw those extra duties at you - I'll give that a try.

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