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where does hope come from?

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Ultimately god inmho.

So the west team Onc and surgeon say watchful wankkkking sorry waiting about my rising Cea.
As no tumour to Target on recent pet and ft, thankgod. A reason for gratitude.

My tcm oncologist, the eastern team which is qigong, tcm and accupture offer hope now. They say yes we can help.
Boost lymphocytes and lower Cea. I said go for it baby.

So i SIP this god aweful tasting tea all day with a. Smile and hope.
I needed this offer of help desperately, doing nothing and accepting my fate is a skill I have not developed yet.

as I look out to sea, I see beauty, then I realise I am looking east and put a smile on my dial.

The West team is great and I have them as backup, the east team well they give me hope I feel in my heart thats definitely healing and certainly gives today a pleasant vibe. I am really glad I am doing tcm, not pushing it to anyone just sharing how much lightrr I feel hope is back. I will hang on to it very firmly, as much as life itself.

What is life without hope anyway? Even salvation is worth its weight in gold. Sorry I get more spiritual when crc reminds me I am only human and our bodies well, let's just say don't last forever.

I am starting to read Norman cousins the biology of hope. Just finished molecules of emotion by fabrics pert. She tells how deepak chopra told her not to try to hard in life. This had hit a cord in me, so balance is my goal now with peace of mind, treatment and smelling roses being balanced daily.


Ps I got some other treatment options in the pipeline like my rgcc results Tuesday.
But tcm has helped me put the evil Genie back in the bottle.

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that you have cause for hope, Pete! I too am in "watch and wait" mode and it can be very hard on the emotions. It's just a little too passive for me. As others on this board can attest, there are lots of reasons to hope for good results from the alternative approach, and really doing anything active in the battle helps me to feel more positive about things...hope (there's that word again) it does the same for you! Hugs back 'atcha-Ann

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i am glad i am not alone in the watvh and wait club.
here s a toast to hope, i know what i am praying for this christmas and it ain't a new car.


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I believe hope comes from within us and the success stories that we hear from others...
at least I HOPE it does

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its just i had misplaced my hope, for a while.

it took a positive consultation with my chinese herbalist to find it.

so maybe its within us and we sometimes need others help to see it, or to find it.


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I think hope comes from a desire. Its in our heart and soul and the spirit of who we are.


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for me its certainly a feeling i am aware of, it makes my days pleasant.

everyone was asking me whats wrong, i knew i must be looking sad, they all knew something was wrong.

its the spirit of who we are, i love it gail.

even thinking and discussing hope is positive.

i hope we all have a time this christmas thats filled with joy, hope and love.

which of these is the most important is up for grabs, maybe balance is the key!


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You should be hopeful about anything you have going and it seems like you are keeping a good balance between oncologist (regular doctor) and your alternatives (other doctor). As long as you are comfortable with it then go with it. Oh my goodness though, you do so much in one day I'd forget 3/4 of it :) My memory has been going since getting older - oh plus my eyes. Go for the gusto kiddo.

Hugs! Kim

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Kimo Sabe
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At the core. It is what gets me out of bed in the morning. It's why I endure Oxaliplatin infusions. It keeps me going. I have so many hopes and plans...too numerous to mention. 

It seems to me that it is almost a triad:  hope, faith,  and luck. If you lose any of those, you risk losing it all.

But was your question:  "from whence does my hope come?" Substitute help for hope in Psalm 121.  IMHO.  Forgive me. 


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Pete, I have enjoyed looking at your smiling face since I joined this board early 2011.
You always have seemed to be such an optimistic person, with joy to spread.
I truly believe that hope comes from within us, it is the faith that makes us face each
new day, and keeps us knowing the sun will come up. There are times that we feel "hopeless", but waking each new day, can give renewed hope.
Praying that things will be well for you. Brenda

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Brenda said it so well....agree completely.....keep on smiling.

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Hope is not something we can see - rather, it is that intangible element that one can only feel.


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The intellect, the spirit, and the soul. Hope must come from the soul, because the intellect would tell us to forget it. The odds of winning the lottery are infinitessimal, but Hope clings to the evidence that people DO win. And the stories on this forum feeds the Hope, because plenty are beating the odds.

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where it comes from is interesting.

for me now the real important fact is just that it exists.

that i have it. maybe i found it in the fruit and vegetable shop, the gym or here on csn.

or maybe i found it in a friend or a conversation.

or maybe at church.

or maybe i found it in my research.

for me now i have it "hope" that is, i will protect it, nourish it and appreciate.

if you have hope yourself, i hope you enjoy with your family.

if not just look under the christmas tree long enough and i hope you find some hope.
it maybe in a little present that you give yourself.

thanks for the replies, i appreciate all your comments. its certainly better to talk about something that life affirming, that is seriously healthy.


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HOPE is in all of us. Lets put it this way. I wish for all of us on CSN HOPE and plenty of it this Christmas and for the new Year. Hope is a state of mind.

HOPE FOR US ALL, is my wish this Christmas


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