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Frances Kaler

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Morning folks...

Just letting folks know (who are longer term posters) of the passing of Frances.
She was a regular poster to this board when I joined in 2009.

I learned of her passing from Facebook yesterday. She was a sweet lady who I learned
had been struggling with mobility issues and had been residing in a long term facility for a bit.

May her memory become another shining star in the sky...


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Thanks for sharing this info Laurie. I remember Frances fondly.

God bless her and her family. Mary Ann

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I really liked Frances, a lot. She and I emailed for years after she quit posting here. Hadn't gotten a response from her for some time now. She never said how bad things were aside from having trouble getting around.

Fran had a lot of spunk and was a real fighter. She had brain mets, and those are a bugger to deal with.

I will still think of her often and with great fondness.

This stuff just sucks.

I'm going to go make some tea and shed these tears for a while.

Love you ladies,


In reading some of the facebook posts, this one in particular struck me--

"Just wanted to say "Hi" Frances. Give me a call when you get a chance. I miss talking to you. Sorry I haven't gotten in touch with you sooner but time just seems to slip away. Love you..."

Sounds familiar, time just slipping away and we forget to get in touch.

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For letting us know. I remember Frances, She had her reoccurrance in her Lungs when I had just had my surgery. Claudia she had to be a fighter didn't she having mets to the lungs liver and brain.

Claudia , you have reached out to many on this board right when they needed support the most and you continue to do so. It meant alot to me , I'll bet Frances appreciated your calls .


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Kindness really makes me cry. Thanks for thinking fondly of me and things I've done.
I just feel we are all responsible for making life easier for one another.

You have brightned mine by your words, and made me cry, so more tea. What a day.

Love to you all, may we all live long and prosper in our hearts and deeds.


Lovely you are getting a puppy, I know how you grieved when your dog died. And, the painting you did of your dog was one of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced. I've been meaning to tell you that.

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Thanks, Laurie, for your post. I remember Frances had initially been staged at 1a in 2006 with her first recurrence in early 2009 around the time I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. My 1a staging, therefore, was not much of a relief to me. I think Frances' early 2009 recurrence was to the lungs. She was NED following chemo. Then she had another recurrence in about October 2009 just as I was completing my final round of chemo. Her second recurrence was to the brain. Following whole brain radiation, she was NED again early in 2010. I kept track of her on Facebook through private e-mails with Linda. Sigh. I remember in one of Frances' posts she said that we need a cure for this awful kind of cancer. Amen. Frances truly was a determined fighter. I will miss her.


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