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A mixed Christmas present

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Buzz's latest scan (CT of the neck) showed resolution of the abscess he had in September with swelling still present in some areas but the word benign was mentioned. The oncologist thinks there is cancer there but we are not going to believe that unless a biopsy confirms it. Buzz is not having any more PET scans as he, like Hondo, lights up all over the place. Next CT is in February. It has been advised he keep the port and gtube but now he has the "button style" tube. Merry Christmas to all of you wonderful people on the forum. Karen (and Buzz)

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Pam M
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If it can't be "All clean and clear", "benign" is the next best thing - a Christmas present you didn't have to unwrap. Merry Christmas.

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You are ignoring the words of onco man while accepting the words of some guy you've never met and who typically has nothing to add but "Welcome" and "I agree" and "The lord will take care of you"?

Good luck with that.

Take care,


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I don’t believe that is what she was saying, please reread the post. Buzz lights up the PET scans like Hondo, not that she was taking my advice.

Why my friend are you always so angry at me and at what I post, I don't know you and I've done you nothing, and if I did hurt you somewhere somehow please forgive me.


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I agree with you Karen wait till the Biopsy confirms that cancer is still there. Too many times the CT and PET scans told us my husband cancer was back and had us puzzled about what to do, a lot of praying and a lot of sleepless nights worrying.


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