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Latest PSA results

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Joined: Aug 2010

this is my 6 month post IMRT psa result. 1.4 It has been checked every two months. starting at: 5.1 to 2.6 to 1.7 and now at 1.4. this time it slowed down a bit but i am hoping that it will still drop in future checks. going back in 3 months for another check. wishing every one in the Cancer Survivors Network a merry Christmas.

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1.4 at the 6-month mark is just on its path to nadir. Expect for continuous decline.
It is good to know that you are doing well.

Wishing 2012 becomes a great year of remissions to all of us.


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The numbers are great news and seem to be right in the middle of the desired glide path of declining values that eventually reach a nadir. PSA doesn't seem to move up or down in straight lines but rather as a function of quadratic equations and log values. I don't think you really need to worry about the math behind the theory, just that your numbers are moving in the direction that all the models predict.

Best wishes for continued positive reports in this area.


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Posts: 108
Joined: Aug 2010

Kongo and Vasco. thanks to you guys and best of luck to both of you in the new year.

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Glad to hear that your readings are going in the right direction. A nice holiday gift indeed ! Wishing you continued success and have a good holiday season.

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