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Hey guys-- I feel awful for neglecting my friends and updates here lately (between a new job and a new nephew, holidays, dad, etc-- doesnt seem enough hours in the day!). Anyway, I think getting connected with you guys on Facebook might help me stay a bit more connected when I'm not at home. The mobile version of the website is sometimes tricky to navigate from my phone. Anyway, just wanted to use this as an open invite to add me on "the book." you can find me at:

www.facebook.com/anitadoobie -- it's my roller derby name :)

If anyone else wants to jump in and add their name I can manage the list in the top post. There might already be a thread like this somewhere, but I couldn't find it. :(

Love you guys!
-Ali (daughter of Mike, IV)

PS- chemo-- glad to hear you're ok! :) and I'm glad you're posting about your love for life. It reminds me to enjoy every minute, hectic though it might be. :) <3
If you would like to be added to the EC CSN group that Mruble created, please PM her.
Running List:

ChaadMN - Chad Lund - http://on.fb.me/tdeT1V
ritawaite13 - Rita Stenseth Waite - http://on.fb.me/uM685y
JReed - Judy Reed - http://on.fb.me/rMKNnO
DaisyLin - Chantal Whitehead - http://on.fb.me/tWyKX5
JaneO - Jane Olson - http://on.fb.me/vD8i48
Chemosmoker - Eric - Eric's Group: http://on.fb.me/ta1UVJ
unclaw2002 - Cindy Collins - http://on.fb.me/uSeFcy
MissusB - http://on.fb.me/rWDEeB
JGWright - Jerry - http://on.fb.me/rsAkhO
Mishti - http://on.fb.me/ula39b
Cher76 - http://on.fb.me/tXaFJQ (her MD: http://on.fb.me/tQFMCz )
JimboC - http://on.fb.me/v9WTA0
Mruble - Mary Ruble - http://on.fb.me/uzF1WC (her EC groups: http://on.fb.me/u2X5C9 , http://on.fb.me/uOd8dq and http://on.fb.me/sElSTs )
ndmp - Nicole Mantovani-Percy - http://on.fb.me/tVXVG3
unclaw2002 - Cindy - http://on.fb.me/v8KOwP
wagnhc - Heather Wagner - http://on.fb.me/uws9oZ
jim2011 - Jim - http://on.fb.me/unLBTP

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Add me to please, even though I do not post often, I am more of a lurker who reads everyday!!


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It is a family and friends joke, I post on my hubby's facebook all the time and don't want to go on it myself but we post my ups and downs and surgeries etc and congrats when they come. My son is a regular jokester so we wind up with some funny stuff on ours. But if you don't mind going on my hubby's he is Ronald James Nesbitt Baltimore MD there is only one that we know of and we both go on and off of it. Everyone that knows us knows I do most of the typing and posting, just friend us and we will accept. take care,
Donna70 sorry I dont know the fb address system

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Hi Ali

Can you please add me as well - name Whitney Turner


Thanks much - I look forward to it.


Anonymous user (not verified)

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Proactive Daughter
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Can you add me as well. I think this it how you'll find me http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=516110720

OR I'm Jen Collins Sudbury, Ontario

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Please add me also---Sandra Batchelor--Conley Ga.

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Please add me. Chrissy Carter Rust, Pittsburgh Pa

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I can add you as a friend and then add you to the group, but I don't know your name and for some reason the profile links are not pulling up the person like it should.

If you want to give your name, anyone is this group can friend you (or you can send them a friend request on fb and a message to add you to the CSN group on fb).


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Hi Ali,

I haven't been on here much lately but was for a few years from 8/09 til about 6 months ago. My dad Kenny Heburn recently passed away from EC. His brother passed 5/10 also of EC. The sadness of my dad's passing is still overwhelming at times but I am trying to be producitve.

I wouldn't normally "friend" people I don't know on facebook---but if it can spread a preventive or awareness message about EC---then I'm all for it. I have worked with ECAN.org to get April EC Awareness Month in the past & hope to do so this year as well. So--add me to the EC fb list for those interested in furthering ECAN's mission---to increase awareness, research & research funding to improve overall EC care & prevention.

I got so much comfort from this board when I needed it & if we can all share that comfort & knowledge on facebook---SO BE IT!
Kim Heburn Priest

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I would like to be added as well, if possible. My name is Danielle Rogerson from Sydney Australia. My profile photo is me in a volleyball shirt standing next to Kerry Pottharst holding her olympic gold medal. Sorry, I don't know my profile number like others above do.

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I would love to be added to this group since I sometimes don't frequent these boards much, but am always checking my FB.

Audrey Gardinier, Canton, NY.


^^ Thank you!

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Please add me http://facebook.com/Linda.K.Sweeting . My son has EC.

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I would love you to add me to the facebook listings. My name is Ann Yates, I'm from England and my profile picture is a head and shoulders shot of me and my husband Alan. We both have blue on. Don't know if I've given you enough info for you to find me, hope so. Thanking you in advance.

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Hi Ann
I'm from England as well, though have lived in the US for over 20 years now.

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please add me.
My husband is stage 3 but not a surgery candidate because of other health issues. 3rd chemo this week.

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Hi Frieda sorry to hear your husband is not a candidate for surgery. Hope he's not doing too bad with the Chemo. It made my husband so ill from day one. It's 20 month since his op and has been doing just fine but since Christmas has had a pain in his back and is really offside. Seeing the Dr on Friday to check it out.

What part of England did you live? I'm in the Midlands, Staffordshire area. You must love America - 20 years eh.

Don't know if I've given enough info to be found on facebook just can't find an address. Will have to ask one if my daughters, I have 2 and 5 grandchildren.
Ann (2)
wife of Alan t3n1m0

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Please add me, too. I have searched FB for this group to no avail. I think an EC group is great.

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Hi Len -
I found you on Facebook but it won't let me send you a friend request. Can you try finding me instead? Mary Lewis Ruble in St. Cloud, Minnesota. Then I can get you added to the group.

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Hi Mary would you mind if I tried to locate you on facebook as I would love to join. My details are in my post above for identification. Thanks.

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I get very frustrated on the EC forum because it takes forever to load something, or it hangs up. Facebook is so much faster. It's true, we seem to get to know each other on a daily level... like morning coffee, lunch time, etc.

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I get very frustrated on the EC forum because it takes forever to load something, or it hangs up. Facebook is so much faster. It's true, we seem to get to know each other on a daily level... like morning coffee, lunch time, etc.

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I'm not clear on how this will work, but I'll give it a try. My FB ID is:




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