6 mth PET scan on Friday

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Hi All,

My husband goes in for his 6 month PET scan on Friday. He is very nervous as his cough is getting almost as bad as it was in the beginning when I took him to the ER. He is easily fatigued, has increasing shortness of breath, on occasion has low grade temperatures, bloody noses, he is cold most of the time, and in genera,l just doesn't feel good. I have been trying to stay positive reminding him to not think the worst until he's told the worst! He has been through a lot in the last few months - chemo and radiation - he needs time to recover.

I, as the caregiver, had to get some antidepressants and antianxietals because this has all been a lot for me to deal with... him too I'm sure. I have talked to him about maybe having the Dr prescribe something to help him keep his spirits up but he refuses - doesn't want to take any more pills than he has to. They seemed to have helped me through the biggest slump - I feel stronger now and feel as though I am getting sleep at night so I have more strength to help him.

Thank you for listening and please pray for good news.



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    Waiting for a scan and then waiting for results is, I think, one of the most stressful things a person can go through. I wish you well and hope that your husband is going to have a good report. Diane
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    As Diane has said, it is so very hard just having to wait and wait to get results from tests. It is definitely going to be a long weekend for you and hubby. He is probably more nervous than he lets on. Just try and stay as calm as you can and keep things in a "normal" pace. Don't bring it up unless he wants to talk about it. I have been a caregiver also,(but am now a survivor myself), and I would have to say that being a caregiver was alot harder in alot of ways. Has hubby been checked out for any infections since he is coughing so much and not feeling well. Has he called his onc or pcp? I think I remember your previous posts where you stated that hubby was pretty stubborn, which makes your job alot harder. I know hubby appreciates your caring support, even though he doesn't always tell you. Stay strong Dawn, praying for light in the tunnel on Monday! God bless and try to relax this weekend. Cheryl
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    PET Results Friday 12/16
    There is still activity at the original site and there is something new IN the right lung ... we go back the 30th to see what they want to do next.