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seriously?!? . . . . . please have a read and think this over

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Okay . . . . . here it goes . . . . I have not waded into any of the controversial posts to date - and I have seen a few. I am trying to keep my world peaceful and full of positive energies - this is the best kind of environment for our bodies to fight and heal.

What has been happening lately has become ridiculous folks!!! We are all here to learn, share and support - nobody has one 'right' answer - if they did, none of us would even need to be here. Maybe I am wrong, maybe I haven't read enough or maybe I don't pay enough attention, but I don't think I have seen one person say that their way is the only way. Personally, I believe that a blend of modern and alternative treatments is the best way for me, but others lean one way or the other - and that is okay. To question whether someone can 'prove' that their ideas are the right ones is simply silly. To 'attack' anyone for their personal views on alternative treatments or traditional treatments makes absolutely no sense. We are all loosers when someone feels they need to leave this site because of the behaviours of others.

Might I suggest that discussion is great, questions are great and even honest debate can be really great - BUT - before you click the submit button, check over what you have written and if there is anything unkind or mean-spirited please delete and try again. If you are unsure, rewrite and reread until you are sure.

I wish only healing, love and laughter to all of you . . . .
yoga jo

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I just cliked the LIKE button.

Thanks, Jo.

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Could not have said it better.

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Thanks for this. We all do want the same thing and there are many paths.
I wish we did have the answers but until we do we just need to follow what
feels right, what brings us the most peace of mind in our struggles.
Sending light,

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I could not have said it better myself. Bravo!!!

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Enjoy everyday and don't think negative. There are too many good things that need to be accomplished. Love and peace!!

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Thank you so much Yoga!!



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That is what I am here for.


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Kimo Sabe
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I am a newbie here, and the advice from the "veterans" has been indescribably valuable. I have information and hope that I might not ever have had were it not for the people that have already blazed the path.

I must say thank you to all of you who probably, in some sense, do not need to be here but still are.

Also I worry about the person who is having a colonoscopy tomorrow and wakes up to those awful words: "you have cancer". Who is going to be here to help them?


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so well said yoga jo.
i can accept loosing friends to crc but not to unkindness.
i have stuffed up here heaps and said sorry. its easy to type only 5 letters, i guess to feel it well that different.

just so well said. thanks.


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I've never got involved - it doesn't matter to me whether there is a debate/opinion or not. Sometimes people can take things too personal or get hurt feelings if what they say has some negative comments. Opinions are always good for both sides. You can't learn if you have blinders on.


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Yoga I pressed the "like" button also :)

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