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Should I be concerned?

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Sitting in physicians office waiting on surgical clearance papers for iliostomy reversal Friday. Tomorrow PET scan and other tests for surgery. Phils only had 2 CEA tests since diagnoses and both were very low ( .7 and .9) today his CEA is 1.1 which I know is still very low but it has changed. He finished chemo almost 4 weeks ago. Just nervous because his oncologist does not scan regularly. We will probably change oncologist soon. He did have a CT after his liver enzymes were up a month ago it, along with the chest x-Ray was fine. Oh dear I just wish I could calm down! Thanks fir listening I appreciate it!! Stephanie

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The waiting can be tough. I hope the appointment went well and things are OK.

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Thought I posted on this. My post is on your other thread.


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There is an edit button that only you can see somewhere near the top of this thread. If you click on it, it should give you the option of deleting it.

That assumes of course that you do not want to copies of this floating around...


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