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Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans

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Hi. I am confused if anyone can help. I had my right lower leg operated on to remover it also had skin Grafs done 13 yrs ago now.
I have searched all the site I can on it but none of the photos look anything like mine did. It was the size of a 5 cent price when I first
Noticed it but it was an indent it the skin that had the color of a bruise. If I touched it it would be sore but just learnt to live with it.
No doctor back then knew what it was, then 13 yrs ago it grew into a lump and was very painful. So the doctors removed it and it was diagnosed.
Had second surgery to remove more of it. But I wondering why no one else's looks like mine did. I think it has returned today as I woke
Up in pain and a red lump on it. I really hope not as I have panic attacks when I in hospitals

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Hi Rebecca. Mine was the same as yours. I had mine for about 15 years before it was diagnosed. Mine was beginning to bother me which is why it was finally biopsied. I had mine removed by wide excision in early September. I now have a scar on my upper abdomen that it about 3 inches long. The results said that the margins were clear. I would suggest that you get a biopsy just to be sure? I too hate hospitals and needles. But you have to do what you have to do. Better to catch it early. At least this time you know what it could be. I wish you all the best. I didn't see anyone else that had the same look. Mine was an indentation as well and looked like a bruise. That is likely why it took so long to figure out what it was. Take care!

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