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meltdown after 25 months of post tx

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I just can't seem to catcha breaks.I'm going to the er as soon as my my husband gets of work tomorrow. I fell asleep friday at 1"30 and didn't wake up till 7 tonight,I got up, ate a half a sandwich and back to bed I went till 9. I've have nose bleeds for 4 days now, I'm used to seeing blood on my toilet paper, but today the whole toilet was filling up with blood. This is a new developement. Since I've I've been diagnosed with hep c, anything new scares the hell out me. When I left the hospital a week ago they told me I needed a blood transfusion. When I went to my onc the following day she said my plasma counts are a point higher than when I normally get them. I'm then patient here,,,should't I know when my body needs a treatment? They keep giving me pain pills that I'm allergic to. wWhat do I do now

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Dear dear friend ... I hear your fear. I can not imagine how you feel. I may not have any answers for you but had to respond to say you're not alone and I hear you. Try (as much as this is hard and I know you've been through so much) to take this one step at a time. Write down your symptoms and tell them how you're feeling ... tell them what you're allergic to and request that if you need medications that they be sure it's not what you are allergic to.

I am so sorry your struggling with all of this...I'm praying for you right now that you get the care you need and some emotional and physical comfort right now.

keep us updated on how it goes....love to you.

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Sorry to hear you are having so much trouble! I to reccommend taking a list with you to the doctor!! As far as pain meds have you tried the Fentanyl patch? It really helped me no ups & downs just constant doses of medication and didn't knock me out either. You're probably sleeping so much because your body is tryin to heal. Go get the help you need now! Don't wait any longer!!!!

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