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Christmas Memories

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To everyone who is a surviving caregiver,
This is my second Christmas withought my beloved husband. Somehow I really don't remember much about last year. But now it will be 2 years in March since he died and I've managed to go on. Christmas will never be the same, but I have 3 wonderful children and 2 great daughter-in-laws and 3 beautiful, healthy grandsons who will help me through it again. I still get tears in my eyes many times, but we had almost 46 years to celebrate together, so I try and remember all of those happy times we had.
No matter how hard we try, we will never forget our loved ones. I look up at the stars on a cold, wintry night & imagine that they are the windows in heaven and our loved ones are looking down at us.
So to all of you, let's be strong and make it through whether it's your 1st year alone or not. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!! "Carole"

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This is my first Christmas without my beautiful partner. I keep remembering last year, we spent 16 days in New Zealand. We spent Christmas eve in Christchurch, singing Christmas carols on the lawn in the park followed by midnight mass at the beautiful Christchurch Cathedral. I will never forget that night it was amazing, and our last Christmas together.
I'm trying to keep that in my mind and not let the fact that she is not here take over this Christmas season. Although it will be very difficult I know I will get through it somehow.
Thanks for your post Carole, Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year:)


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This will be my first Christmas without my mother. Im not taking this very well. But im trying very hard. Last Christmas was the first Christmas I had dinner at my house and my mother came and it was so nice...seeing as im only 32 this was a big thing to start having holidays at my house. I was so looking forward to another go at it...but then she died. I really hopes she sees this Christmas(from heaven) as even though she wont be here, I have invited every misfit I know who doesnt have a place to go for dinner. And this year instead of 13 people there will be 25!. I know that seems like a crazy thing to do, but what the heck else am I going to do. I need to keep my mind busy so I dont drive over a cliff. I bought outragous gifts for my kids, even though they were pretty bad this year lol...I even bought my 10 year old a beebee gun.....Ill make sure he doesnt shoot his eye out, I promise. And my 13 year old a tablet...which I know darn well she will destroy in a week. I bought my boyfriend those expensive concert tickets I always used to say were too unaffordable...fudge it who cares!!!! Im being sued for my moms old house because guess what I was on the deed and she was in foreclosure. So I gave a lawyer 2000 I didnt have right before Christmas because he can take care of it for me...I got a crazy Christmas to attend to.
If this post sounds insane....thats ok. We are here and we are living so thats what I intend to do live it up...I also plan on quitting my going no where doing nothing good in the world job soon too....woohoooo... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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