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Two years

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After more than two years of being unemployed (going through cancer, treatment and my life's savings) I finally got a job! Spotty (infrequent and unreliable) jobs consulting just never got the bills paid.

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I am not sure by your post if the job you got is a good thing, but I sure hope it is. I have been very fortunate that I am a government employee hard to get fired, thank God.

Wishing you the best!

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Joined: May 2011

It is bad enough having to deal with the cancer, can't imagine having to stress over money as well. My husband is retired so we have some money--for the next few years anyway--to live on. SSDI has helped tremendously.

Hope your job works out well for you and is something that can be done without wearing you out. Lots of luck in your new occupation.

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best of luck with your new job! My husband still has his job but has not been able to work since his diagnosis. He drives a truck and handles heavy freight. We have been just getting by with savings and SSDI should kick in at the end of January. Our next worry is when his health insurance runs out in the spring and we will have to pay for Cobra. He keeps hoping that one day he can go back to work.

Hope your holidays are brighter with your new job!

Ellen C.

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Dear Rick, I hope the new job is one you will enjoy and will be easy on your health.

Best wishes,

Marie who loves kitties

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I hope your transition to a new job is a short one and the people who work there are fun. Good luck on this new challenge. Lisa

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By this time next year you will have some new friends, and some money in the bank. Two wonderful Christmas presents.
Glad you found something, and crossing my fingers that you like it.

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Any chance it was the one I left in October? (j/k)

Hoping the first year ends with a bonus big enough to take away the financial pain of the last two!

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That's great news, Rick! Hope you love it and make tons of money!


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good Luck i hope u love it.'judy

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Fabulous, Good for you Rick!!!
Winter Marie

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Great to see that you have progressed enough for a "real" job, Rick. And great to see your smiling face on the board too.

I am 2 yrs.2 months out from dx. & surgery. Same amount of time jobless too.
I am getting bored since winter has set in. In these past 2 years I have developed 4 compressed lower back disks, a worn out knee, depression, PTSD, brain farts/fog( chemo brain), and now to top it off I have a darn ringworm...LOL!! I ain't complaining...I wouldn't give me a job either. I am now in the process of finding some volunteer work that I can enjoy and do at my own pace...which is slooow paced.I plan to talk with the co-ordinator of the TOUCH group I attend and see if he might have some suggestions.I have also looked in to a few animal shelters.( Not to live at, but to volunteer) Animals seem to like "the new me". This is all true and I am laughing and wanted to give you a chuckle.

Good luck & hope you LOVE the new job.I am SO happy for you!


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That is awesome news.


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Hi Rick,

Congratulations on the new job! I hope it will be a good thing for you. I'm sure it will help with the finances.
Hope you have a Merry Christmas!


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