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Return of the sore bottom

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Joined: Jul 2011

Ok, I know I am paranoid, but did anyone else have their bottom feel normal and then have the anal pain return? I feel like I am burned all over again! NOT complaining, just wondering.......

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My anal area goes through spells where it will get really irritated and I'll having burning. This is mostly brought on my a hard BM or diarrhea. I think it's normal these days.

Lorikat's picture
Posts: 680
Joined: Jul 2011

Normal sure has changed, LOL! I don't really panic anymore, but sure is good to have you guys for reassurance. Thanks.....

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Yes, we now have a new normal...lol! I have occasional burning and sometimes I think it might be due to something I ate. Yes, it's good to have this site for reassurance. Happy healing!

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Not a lot but every now and then, and I have a colostomy so that area is not even "in use" at this time. Usually lasts for just a couple days then feels better again. I think its just part of the whole lifetime of healing process. Get it checked if it gets too bad though...Good luck, and keep us posted.

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A few months ago I got so sore I couldn't sit! After scans & everything wound up being a vaginal muscle in constant spasm...the really funny part is I don't have a rectum or lower colon any longer!!! My bottom will still get irritated though so I can't imagine what you guys go through! If it gets to bad get it checked out otherwise just keep healing and living our muched blessed new world! (my treatments ended in Feb. 2006)

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There so many times I thanked god there were gone only to have them show up a few days later. God bless u on ur journey, Melodie

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Today as an example ... traveled this week ... a bit dehydrated ... slight constipation! Ouch. My pain has waxed and waned throughout the past 10 months post treatment. Your worry is normal .... I hope you can relax. Sooth your bum ... I was prescribed Colazal suppositories that helped. They feel I had/have some radiation proctitis. Hang in there Lorikat!! xo

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Hi Lori- There is no normal any more..I am 3 years 4 months post treatment .Some days are better than others when it comes to pain in the "bottom".We were burned inside and out.The area will never be the same.If you can control your diet, so not to become constipated or have diarrhea you will feel better..but its not easy to do. I find when i become constipated..it sets me back for a few days with pain,achiness or burning.I do take advil when needed.It does help alot....Hugs..alyse

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Somedays it hurts more than others. I'm 5 months post treatment. My doctor told me that during the winter when the heat is on and my skin drys out that I will feel it more. He was right so far! Using Biafine and Jean's cream and find them soothing.

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I use Biafine also....wound care specialist at the hospital prescribed it. Seems to work better than most. (I briefly considered turning the heat off after what your doc said!).

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Me too Lorikat.
Dx 2009 with rectal cancer and treated with 30 blasts of radiation (and surgery/chemo). Two years later I weekly still exp. severe pain. If it gets too bad, I put an ice bag between my legs and take a T#3.
Sorry to have to say it didn't go away, but hope maybe you'll find the ice helpful.
Your Friend in California~

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Joined: Jul 2011

Thanks...the ice DOES help! I used frozen peas, LOL!

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