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Endometrial cancer stage 2 grade2

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Heather H
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Hi everyone
My sister had her hysterectomy a couple of weeks ago and will soon be undergoing radiation and chemotherapy. I have a couple of questions. First she has a lot of numbness in her pelvic region and down her thigh. She is wondering if she will ever feel anything down there again. Secondly two of her oncologists recommend only vaginal radiation and a third one says she should have pelvic radiation as she had some cancer cells in the pelvic wash. She is worried about getting the pelvic though as she has been told she could get various cancers eg bladder etc down the road in 15 years or so. She is 57 and otherwise in excellent health . Anyone have any thoughts. Thanks so much! You women are amazing.!

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What a great sister you are to be on the lookout for information for your sister. She is lucky to have you!

First question regarding the numbness. You did not indicate what type of hysterectomy she had. Was it open, laprascopic, robotic? Surgery whatever the type of this nature is a BIG surgery. It is common to have the areas traumatized the most have numbness,tingling, etc. Do you know if she had Lymph nodes removed in the area? That too contributes to this feeling of numbness. This feeling should go away in time, but if she believes it not to be improving, she should discuss with the doctor.

One thing we find among is that at times our doctors will have different treatment approaches. Some will be more aggressive and others want to treat a bit more conservatively. On this board alone, you will read how others with the same type, grade and stage may get degrees of different treatment approaches. I believe it is important for the patient to be comfortable and confident with the treatment offered as well as be researched so they know what the discussion is about and can ask questions.

Because the pelvic washings were positive(microscopic cancer cells) it is understandable they want to do the vaginal radiation (Brachytherapy). The pelvic/abdominal radiation is commonplace however as you will find many/most women have had it on this board.

Worrying about what may happen 15 years from now vs. quality of life now and preventing reoccurence is an important decision for her to consider. Radiation has improved/changed so that the most accurate doseage and area radiated is identified. I am not suggesting it is a cake walk...believe me, however it is important to be informed.

My doctors opted for all three...chemo, pelvic/abdominal radiation and vaginal radiation. This was to be as aggressive as possible. I hope I made the right decision, but so far so good :)

Skipping the pelvic radiation for now leaves the door open for her to have that IF need be at a later time. Have her ask them for stats on reoccurence rates for both options. That might help in her decision.

Keep in touch and let us know how she is doing, or get her to join us!


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Sorry Double Post!

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Hi Heather:

At 45 years old, after a hysterectomy in Sept of 2005, I was then diagnosed with Grade 2 Stage iiia Endometrial Adenocarcinoma. (found in uterus and left ovary). I had to have another surgery for staging which at that time found no additional cancer. For treatment, I did have chemo treatment of Carboplatin/Gemzar for six months to ward off any rouge cells. I did not think I would need radiation but several months after I completed chemo, the doctor suggested radiation (to be sure). He wanted both brachy and pelvic radiation, but my radiation oncologist only wanted to do the brachy (vaginal) radiation becuase he said the risks and the benefits didn't warrant radiation due to the fact that I scarred easily and that the pelvic radiation would probably cause more problems for me than not having it. So I only had 3 HDR bracytherapy treatments back in 2006.

With regard to your sister's numbness, during surgery things get moved around a lot and she could be experiencing some scarring on some nerves. It should go away, but she should mention it at her doctors if it gets worse or doesn't go away within a reasonable time. Although while I was on chemo, I did experience numbness at various parts of my body.

My best to you and your sister.


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