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Sad time...

Brenda Bricco
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I had a plan to meet with my sister that I haven't haven't spent any time with in years last night and was so excited. My husband got the news on Monday that his friend lost his battle with lung cancer and wouldn't you know it his funeral was the night that I was driving to meet my sister (my sister understood completely). It was an easy decision, to me I belonged next to my husband as he said goodbye to his friend. His name was Doug and was 57 years old and it turned out that he and my husband were in chemo together several times this year. I can't even begin to tell you the heck they raised for the several hours at a time with those chemo nurses. lol One of the nurses was the wife of another mutual friend so she got the worst of the shananigans they were up too. They tried to get the nurses to give them tequila through their ports, told untrue stories about that poor nurse that probably never took a distasteful step in her life. One day my husband announced in front of all the patients that she went to a bar the weekend before and drank so much that her husband has to carry her to the car that she ended up peeing in on the way home. You would think that she would never want to see their faces again but she was always so happy to see them two weeks later.
Doug loved his GOD, family and life. He left this earth way to soon for us but I know he is with his GOD now. His funeral was very hard not so much because I was sad for Doug (he is pain free now) but it broke my heart into pieces to see his wife Connie and their son try to get through another day of life with out their precious husband and father. I could barely look her in the eyes because I know she is enduring the hurt that I am so afraid that could be coming to me. I do stay positive and believe the best will happen for my husband and I but I can not pretend that I am not afraid of losing my best friend. He is a prankster... always making me laugh and sometimes making me want to string him up by his toe nails. I let myself venture over to the bright side and thought that I would get to wake up with my husband and maybe go for breakfast, instead I woke up to a note on the bathroom sink saying that he was out moving wood with his son. I thought, well, isn't that gratitude! but soon decided that I would rather have him out enjoying this frigid Wisconsin weather with his son hauling wood that we don't even need than anything else. He is out living, thank GOD for that!
My heart is sad and grateful today... I hope you all are having a wonderful day. I am thinking about those in surgery today and praying for us all.
God's blessinings to you.

wolfen's picture
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I am so sorry for the loss of your husband's friend. As Johnnybegood's mother, I completely understand your fear of losing your husband to this despicable disease. She is on my mind 24/7. We feel helpless, but must remain strong in our faith that they will win this battle. All my best to you and yours.



Brenda Bricco
Posts: 579
Joined: Aug 2011

Johnnybegood is a treasure that I hope you never lose Wolfen. I have faith that all will turn out fine and will keep you in my prayers.

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May all the good memories eventually fade some of the pain.

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