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I have been on the Head and Neck board, but I have not been posting here. My parotid cancer unfortunately has spread to my lungs and spine. Some senior oncologists at a large University told me to expect a year or two of life. However, I am on chemo that was chosen by genetic sequencing and my last CT scan showed that the lung tumors were shrinking. While I am hopeful that this chemo will continue to work for a while, I am acutely aware of what the doctors told me. One thing I have learned from many sources is to never give up and keep fighting and I intend to do that.


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Roger, never give up your fight! Tis is a great site. I've been on here for 2 years cause my husband had cancer. Lost him 2 years ago next March. "Carole"

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Glenna M
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Hi Roger, I post on the Head and Neck forum also. I was diagnosed with NSCLC and SCC laryngeal cancer in 2009. Was in remission until June 2011 when a CT and PET showed the lung cancer was back and had spread to the other lung. I'm currently receiving taxol/carboplatin, after 2 infusions I had a CT scan that showed 20% shrinkage which I am very encouraged by. I had my 3rd infusion yesterday and am scheduled for another one on the 29th and then will have another CT scan the first week of January. My oncologist said he may put me on a "chemo break" and monitor me with scans every couple of months and put me back on chemo if there are any signs of change.

I have been told that they don't expect remission again but are trying to buy me more quality time. They haven't told me any time frame and I wouldn't take it too seriously if they did, everyone is different and many people outlive the doctors predictions. You are doing the right thing by not giving up but are fighting back. Keep up the positive attitude and you will do well.

My best to you as you travel this road again, please know you are not alone, we are here to help you in any way we can.


Posts: 267
Joined: Oct 2010

Thanks for the comments. I wish you the best of luck on your upcoming scans. It sure is tough hearing those negative words coming from our Docs, isn't it? None of us knows how much time we have left, but I,like you, intend to spend my remaining time enjoying life and family and friends. There are miracles going on and hopefully some of us on this site will benefit from them.


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