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AUS 800 activitated yesterday

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Completely dry except when I sit in my computer chair. The chair is wood and very hard.Forcing a few drops out for some reason. My stream is not as strong as before and have a very slight burn when I void. Still slightly swollen. I went to a job site for a couple of hours, went out to happy hour and dinner with no pad.

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Congratulations on the "pad free" AUS. Wishing you many years dry and continuous recovery.


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I have the same problem while sitting in many chairs. but still, life is greatly improved with the AMS800 in.

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I'm glad that it is working.

By the way, I notice others who have a cushion with them, at various functions where there is a hard chair. (also good for back and spine problems)

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hI  Ive Had the 800 2 months Activated 1 month ago  Not supposed to see the doc for 2 more months I get urge  to go and when I get there I have some leakage Then only about 2 ounces comes out. This happens to anyone else? Thanks Cuv


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Cuv: I've had two AMS 800 implanted over the past three years.  After activation (seven, then six weeks after surgery) I had similar issues.  It's early and I suspect you may still have some swelling.    Your situation will improve by the time you see your doctor again.  At first, learning to find and grab the slippery pump, then stroke it while keeping your aim straight using only two hands can be tricky.  Good Luck.  tpelle

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Hi Cuv,

Congratulations on your successful artificial sphincter implant surgery outcome.  As tpells mentions, there is a significant learning curve associated with the proper and routine usage of your artificial sphincter, some of it comical, and some of it not.  For me, a minimum of 5 pumps are required to obtain 'normal' urine flow, and actually 7-9 pumps work the best for me, for opening the cuff to allow full urine flow.

I would recommend that you contact your surgeon's office whenever you have questions associated with your artificial sphincter implant and its usage, and they should be more than willing to talk with you and offer appropriate advice.

We here can also answer many of your questions, of course, not at a medical advisory level, but rather at a 'user' advisory level.

Good luck!

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