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Hi Friends

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Just checking in on you all. I pray that you all are holding up. I am a little down...watching husband...WHEW! Dr. took him off chemo since hospital scare. So that will make about 2 months off. Should I be scared?

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I sat and typed a long response to you last night and hit the wrong key that deleted the whole stupid thing. I slammed my computer shut and went to bed. Can you relate?

Anywho....the jist of my response was that we are kinda going through the same thing. Waiting. He was supposed to have port put in today, but insurance hasn't approved it yet. After fighting colorectal cancer for a year, we found out on 11/7 that he has new lung, liver & prostate cancer. They wanted to start "major chemo" (their words) right away and we are still waiting a month later. Go figure.

Keep us posted and try not to be too scared. He!!, this all scares the beejeebers out of me.


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I am so tired of the waiting game, I don't know what to do. I did receive your friend status. Give me some time as I am not computer saavy at all. Deb, I don't know what in the world to do about my husband. Bottom line is he is suffering! But his dr says..chemistry is good. Well yeah, if you keep giving him drugs to boost chemistry, but not heal the disease. I am just lost. I know, but keep us posted and you are in my prayers.

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