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What were your symptoms of lung cancer?

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Just asking, what symptoms did you have before you discovered you had lung cancer? Jackie

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I had no symptoms that I can point to. I was Stage 1a. Are you having symptoms?
Hope this helps.


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All I had was a case of bronchitis that would not go away. Later I found out that not responding to antibiotics is sometimes a sign of cancer. I was found to be at stage 1A

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I had no symptoms.

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... and it went undiagnosed or even uninvestigated for way too long. 3B.

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My lung cancer diagnosis (Stage 2) came about accidentally, I had no symptoms, I started doing a exercise program that was very strenous and about 3 -4 weeks into it my feet and legs started swelling. It took three doctor visits over a six week period and a multitude of lab work before my doctor finally ordered a chest xray and spotted a hilar mass. The exercise was causing it to put pressure on my pulmonary artery and making my feet and legs swell. God Bless that exercise program, who knows how long I might have gone feeling fine with no symptoms.

If you are having symptoms, even if if seems small don't discount it, have it checked out.

Good luck and God bless

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... I had that, too. Similarly undiagnosed and unsuspected by my PCP. Needless to say, I am no longer working with that individual.

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I had increasingly severe headaches. I was slurring my words. I couldn't walk a straight line; instead I was bouncing from one wall to the other. Friends thought I was having a stroke (or a TIA).

I just knew in my gut that it wasn't a stroke; both sides of my body were affected.

It turned out that there was a large lung tumor in my chest which had spread to two additional tumors in my brain.

Been on radiation and chemo.

Merry Christmas to all!!!

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Hello, I had lower right back pain. I was fortunate that the nodule was found early due to a follow up scan for anal cancer. I was a 1aNOMO, and the nodule was only 11mm x 9 mm, when the lobe was taken out. There are groups now that want to make the insurance companys pay for lung cancer screening for patients with risk factors. If the cancer is found at the earliest stage, the more chance for a cure. I wish you well. Lori

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Shoulder pain and tingling on the inside of my arm.

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Back in May he went into hospital and I read a report that stated he had adenocarcinoma of the lungs. He is a breast cancer patient with mets to the bones. He has battled respiratory problems for about a year now. He had some ground glass nodules, suspicious of pulmonary mets- or pneumonia. He was told that the he had slow growing cancer. He has had several steroid shots, antibiotics, to get rid of "pneumonia", but no one could never really say. Same issues keep coming. I don't know. He had severe shortness of breath until he started fentanyl and dilaudid. I was just wondering. Had suspicious activity in right hilar region hypermetabolic...I think is the word. I wish someone would give me straight answers.

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I have been in treatment for 12 years for RA, and Gout. In Dec 2010 the pain in my right shouler and neck were unbearable. Epidurals and methadone, no longer were helping. I am allergic to all Precsc. Ra drugs. ansaids, tylenol and over the counter drugs. Throat and tongue swell shut. On March 31 2012 I had a slight stroke, at the hospital they took an xray and found a mass on my lungs. After cscan, pet scan, biopsy was dx, June 24 2010 can not operate. nsclc stage 4 undifferentiated carcinoma lg cell. Did 37 rad. then 12 low dose, chemo. carbo/taxal. I have 1 chemo left next week and cscan showed mass down by 1/2. So today they started me on Avastin. Onc. says he will review all records and treatments and decide if we will do more Chemo, with carbo/taxol or just do Avastin once every 3 wks. I don't know what happens next. Need to say I was sicker on Rad then on chemo.

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I had shoulder and back pain and later started losing my voice. Also started having weakness ind numbness in my right arm and hand. Turns out the tumor was in the upper right apex and invading my spine at T1. Nerves in brachial plexus also under pressure. It took a while for them to add it all up but eventually they did. By that time, it was inoperable and labled stageIV. rads, chemo, cyberknife and more chemo killed it completely and have been in remission for 2 years. Pay attention to almost anything that bothers you out of the norm. My philosophy has been that if it doesn't go away in 3 weeks, check it out. That's just me though, take care of yourself.

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No symtoms - a spot on Right lung after Xray for alergys in March 2011 - breathing fine
Pain in leg and back presumed to be Lumbar
Pain killers did not help
CT MRI Biopsy Pet Scan shows Lung Cancer spread to spine
stage 4 lung cancer
10 radiations to spine - 4 chemos for rest of body
waiting for next Ct to see if in remission

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