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Scared about Scan

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Hey guys,
need some advice...
mum has her first scan after 5 out of 8 chemo sessions.
They are doing a PET scan i think it is.. pretty much whole area
We dont get results back until christmas eve and the scan is next week
prayers needed
is this normal procedure?
thanks for your support

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I have been getting scans every three months, so I think it's probably typical. I had scan today, won't find out resuts for another two weeks till my onc. appt.

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Hmmm, I'm curious on why they don't do a CT before they do a PET? The PET scan is an expensive test and here in the States, it is generally prerequisited by a CT scan, BEFORE the insurance company will authorize a PET.

I could see doing a CT only.....or a CT with a PET....but not just a PET only.

The CT scan detects mass and can measure the size of the tumor shrinking or growing etc. and thus is a good test. Usually if they see additional masses, a PET is ordered to check for uptake values to those sites, if any.

It sounds like they are doing the chest/pelvis/abdomen. That's good.

Either a CT, PET, or an MRI would be available much earlier than 2-weeks. You can even ask for the results of the test and they will give you a copy. It sounds like this is your mom's onc way of doing things. But, you could always call and change your appt to an earlier time if he had a slot open. Otherwise, they sometimes just do 2 weeks out just to do it. Generally, if they see something serious, they can call as well.

May Christmas Eve be more the merrier with some good news for your mom. I'm sure she is having a positive response of some kind and that's gonna' be the best present for your family this year - guaranteed:)

Take care!

-Santa Craig

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Hey, opps maybe it is a ct scan and I have gotten confused? and yes i did read chest pelvis and abdomen

Cant wait to get some positive news- this year has been so difficult- would be fantastic to have something to celebrate!!!

Please keep the positive thoughts and prayers coming my way- I deff am~~

Thanks EVERYONE for your support- I couldnt do it without you guys!!!!

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My Ct was after my colonoscopy at diagnosis and the CT did not show my 6 cm rectal tumor or any of my lymph node involvement.I was told its not the best diagnostic for that area. Neither did the cea pick these up. So after I finished with all of my treatment and my Oncologist ordered a CT I asked him why not a PET this time and he said I didn't need a PET and refused to order one. Well, I did the CT he insisted on....and I also got a second opinion in another town and got a PET.....which showed all clear. YAY! But what the heck is my Onc problem with checking me out with different tests that may show activity if something is brewing?

So my dear, I'm thinking, hoping, wishing the same outcome for your mom as was mine. ALL GOOD! And you and your family will have a very Merry Christmas! You and your mom hit me so close to home and my heart.

Hugs to you both, Gail

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My husband gets a CT/PET scan every 3 months and his doctor calls us with the results within 48 hours. These scans are important, ask the techs where you are getting the scan when your doctor will have the results. Then call the doctor and tell them you want to know what is going on. You are in control not the doctor. My husband's onc has many, many patients, but I only care about "1", my husband.


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